Publicly Apologize to Cecilia Hernandez for Unfair Dismissal
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Publicly Apologize to Cecilia Hernandez for Unfair Dismissal

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      Cecilia Hernandez

      Edo de Mexico, Mexico

My name is Cecilia. I am an honest professional, hard-worker, justice defender and am faithful to my convictions. I am a clinical psychologist with a wide experience with teenagers. I have been working with youth in different social contexts: psychotherapies, educational orientation and in classrooms.

On November 30th, I was the victim of an injustice: I was unjustifiably and aggressively fired from the middle school Colegio Lomas Hill and treated like a delinquent by the school’s authorities. I was deprived of my freedom for two hours, watched over by security guards and humiliated in front of the institution’s staff and students' families. I have been morally hurt.

Why was I fired? Because I showed the movie "Milk" to my middle school students. The film tells the story of a recognized fighter for gay rights. The prejudices of the school authorities toward the movie and their intolerance on the gender diversity theme were clear and evident, even if the official program requires approaching these subjects.

Until today, the school hasn’t allowed me to use my hearing rights. The information they presented to the parents and media was manipulated. Even if the Mexican Anti-Discrimination Committee interceded to mediate a conciliatory process, Colegio Lomas Hill refuses to cooperate.

We all have personal convictions and in front of a divergent position, we cannot treat the other person in an insulting way, especially when it is in the name of a non-denominational and academic institution. The power abuse from the directors has hurt my integrity and my professional image. For a young professional and human being, it is unacceptable.

Help me to require a public apology!

I demand a public apology from Colegio Lomas Hill for my unjustifiable termination. I also demand that the school cooperate with the conciliatory process proposed by the Mexican Anti-Discrimination Committee.

The prejudices and intolerance toward a particular theme cannot be and shouldn’t be a firing motive. The way that was done was unacceptable and attempted on Cecilia’s dignity and rights. Furthermore, the information that the institution is transmitting to the media is affecting the image and reputation of a young professional and could damage her future professional career.

For these reasons I demand that Cecilia Hernandez receive public apology to compensate her moral harms.

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    • Mark Harris BOISE, ID
      • 12 months ago

      Because this ignorance must stop in the face of a World on the precipice of its own destruction because of the control and domination of men, who have done a miserable job.

    • D. Re SARASOTA, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      Freedom of expression is the greatest strength of America, and exposing our children to a variety of points of view can only open their minds and help them develop their own opinions. In this case, the Clolegio Lomas Hill clearly abused not only the rights of Ms. Cecilia Hernández, it performed a profound disservice to its students and their families.

      • about 1 year ago

      Because Miss Hernandez oboviously has the education to deal with Students questions pertaining to the film, and I strongly think it may help people to understand the GL communities.

    • Chris Jensen GRAVEL RIDGE, AR
      • about 1 year ago

      Because it is the right thing to do.

    • Paul Stillman SANTA MONICA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I don't like injustices. Milk was a great guy and public official. The movie helps teach tolerance. Obviously the school board needs to watch it!


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