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Localize Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R for PS Vita

    1. Brandon Alexander
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      Brandon Alexander

      Englewood, NJ

There are many Tales fans who have been waiting to play Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts for the Nintendo DS. They both have great story with interesting characters, side quests and a unique battle system that make these games fun. Unfortunately, both of them were never localized in the west, which devastated us Tales fans. Recently both of them were re-made for the PlayStation Vita, as Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R, and was released in Japan on January 26, 2012 and March 7, 2013 respectively. Signing this petition will get Namco Bandai to realize that there are many Tales fans who wanted Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R to be localized in the west.

Namco Bandai please give us hope that you'll bring Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R to the west one day.

Thank You

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    • Aileen Deleon MIAMI SPRINGS, FL
      • 3 months ago

      RPGS are very important, the PSVITA is very important and these two things together in the form of Tales just needs to happen. We've got one down! One more to go!

    • Jacob Ramsey BENBROOK, TX
      • 3 months ago

      the Tales games are among the best games of all time, I want to experience them all ^^

    • Daniel Allison AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      Always been a tales player. I just bought a vita and can't wait for tales of hearts r, even if it's just english subs i'll be so happy!

    • khodam khodam LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND
      • 4 months ago

      I love tales games

    • Mattia zanon ITALY
      • 4 months ago

      It's an important chapter of "Tales of" Serie.


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