Save Red Rock Canyon
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Save Red Rock Canyon

    1. Heather Fisher
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      Heather Fisher

      Las vegas, NV


We, the undersigned, encourage local, state and federal officials and relevant agencies, to protect the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area from the negative impacts of non-rural development in the Red Rock area, and to preserve and enhance the conservation and recreation opportunities for which the NCA was created.


Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful, natural, popular destination in the Southwest. It is a convenient, refreshing escape for Las Vegas residents and visitors. It is world renowned for rock climbing, bicycling, hiking, and its scenic drives, canyons, cliffs, and springs. A developer is trying to exploit Red Rock Canyon by changing the existing rural designation to allow higher density development in this sensitive area. This proposal would introduce 45,000 extra car trips a day, noise echoes, smog, light pollution and exhaust the already strained resources of the most popular National Conservation Area in the country in one of the most strained real estate markets. We believe that Red Rock should remain rural and that any action taken in and surrounded by the Red Rock Overlay District should reflect its rural standards and guidelines, and support the conservation and recreational opportunities for which the NCA was created.

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    • tommy hudson CANTON, GA
      • almost 2 years ago

      enough of nature is destroyed every day so why destroy more especially land this beautiful

    • Jean Adams JACKSON, MI
      • about 2 years ago

      i used to live at rainbow and charleston. red rock was a haven for me, away from the negatives of life in the valley. its beauty will be tarnished and its wildlife threatened by continued sprawl, and we must not tolerate this. vegas is big enough. leave red rock the hell alone.

    • Maurice Bretzfield NEW YORK, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Red Rock Canyon is a wonderful natural habitat that should be preserved for posterity.


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