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Reject plan for Giant Stop and Shop

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We STRONGLY oppose the plan submitted to the Town of Litchfield, CT for the construction of a new Giant Stop & Shop on Village Green Drive. Litchfield residents have easy access to 14 nearby Super Stop and Shops in other towns. WE DO NOT NEED OR WANT A GIANT STOP & SHOP IN LITCHFIELD. The proposed plan would leave an empty store on 202 and worsen already existing air, water, light, traffic and noise problems. The generic appearance and Big Box strategy would irrevocably alter the historic, local character of Litchfield and erode the town’s property values and stellar reputation. This plan neither preserves the character of the town nor serves the community.
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    • Frieke Karlovits STALLHOFEN, AUSTRIA
      • about 2 years ago

      Good examples reflect all over the world!

    • Betsy Glassman LITCHFIELD, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      No Big Box stores and big parking lots for Litchfield. Put parking underground. Stop destruction of wetlands. We already have a Great Wall in China, we don't another in Litchfield. Save the wetlands and aquifer. Green roofs, solar panels, wind genertors and native plantings---where are they in this plan? Nowhere. Stop It or I won't shop it at Stop and Shop.

    • Molly Lally LITCHFIELD, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      town development

    • Ann McKinney LITCHFIELD, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      Even without expanding, the present Stop & Shop could do a much better job serving Litchfield. I'm frequently told that items are unavailable because HQ (or the Powers That Be) have withdrawn the items from the list our store can order. Popular items that sell out quickly are not replaced, sometimes for several weeks.

      If the store must expand, the space now occupied by Rite Aid would be a much more acceptable alternative than building a giant S&S, out of scale with the 18th - early 19th flavor of Litchfield. It would destroy the character of a small, attractive shopping plaza, and create a giant parking lot that would drain into a protected aquifer. Remember the opposition to Talbots? NO CHAINS IN LITCHFIELD! was the cry. Stop and Shop is already here, the largest commercial building in our town. Still larger? It will be bad for the environment , an even larger eyesore than the present building-- and we don't need it.

    • David Kleeman LITCHFIELD, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      Let's support our local businesses. Then when we need larger stores. Drive 10 minutes to support our neighbors big box business.


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