Set Program limit at house phones only with local calls only
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Set Program limit at house phones only with local calls only

    1. Tammy White
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      Tammy White

      Tallahassee, United States

Cell Phones are not a "necessity", they are a "want". House phones could prove beneficial to families searching for jobs or that have children in case of emergencies. The program alone last year ran over $1 billion on cost to tax payers helping fund low income families with house phones, cell phones were added several years ago. The phones alone have now expanded into smart phones(which when new can run $299-$599) not including unlimited data packages to run these smart phones, texting packages, or application cost. Which is all coming out of the American Tax payer pocket. I'm sure you've all heard of the "Universal Service Fund"? If not, it's the tax that every Tax paying American is charged to help provide these low income families with phones, both home and cell , to help aid in job searching, emergencies, and other calls someone may need to make, we also now cover the ability to social media search facebook and other things not "needed" . It should not be up to us, that taxpayers to be fronting a social network bill for facebook to be accessed on a cell phone. This program needs seriously modified so tax payers are only providing(IF ANY) the bare minimum basic house phone for job searching and emergencies, we the tax payers should not nor have ever been asked to pay for smart phones, facebook profile access, or data packages. If America is ever going to get out of this debt, action needs to be taken now to cut funding that is not needed for anything other than mere pleasure and social stability.Tax payers should no longer be required to provide assistance to Low income families for things other than basic "NEEDS"

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    2. Rep. Congressman Tim Griffin is on our side!

      Tammy White
      Petition Organizer

      I have contacted the Congressman at the for-front of our petition to try and let him know citizens are outraged. Hopefully our voices will be heard and this program will be cut or changed to provide minimum help on a basic home phone coverage. Pass this along and get others on our side, we should NOT be required to front the bill for these families to afford smart cell phones!


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    • Lynne Snider STEVENS, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I have worked for the past 34 years paying taxes and supporting myself. I don't earn alot, but I earn too much to get any help. I am tired of all the "freebies" that are being handed out to people who won't work. My husband got laid off from a $20.00 an hour job and has taken 1 making $9.50 so we can survive.

      • over 2 years ago

      As a tax payer, I buy and pay my own cell phone, and would NEVER ask anyone to pay for me to have a smart phone, something other than a "BASIC"human need. To many "freebies" are being given away to people who are not working, have never worked, or are refusing to work because they will lose government funding. Something needs to change in how we "HELP" people and it needs to be put back to bare minimum, FOOD, WATER, and Shelter, NOTHING MORE!


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