Let's change the double jeopardy law!
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Let's change the double jeopardy law!

    1. yisela jimenez
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      yisela jimenez

      new britain, CT

This is important to me dut to the fact that I just can't stand seen a person that is guilty walk the streets just because there was not enough evidence to convict them of a crime , and the sad part is they can not be charge with the same crime even if evidence or a stronger case become available. I think this law need to be change and the court system should have at least a five years frame to try the same individual again for the same crime if there is some type of simcustancial evidence. I just believe that a guilty person can not walk our streets. I just don't want for another guilty person to walk out of a court free of charge..without any consequences..I believe that together we can make a big difference! thanks.

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    • Debra Paul CRAWFORDVILLE, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      Of all the Laws that we have this needs to be changed to show that yes you can be tried for the same crime if new evidence can be shown that you actually did the crime. We all know this person is Guility as home made sin of killing her daughter just like O.J. Simpson he was walking the street a free man for killing Nichole Simpson and Ronald Goldman and we all know that both of these ANIMALS killed innocent people who did not DESERVE TO DIE. So yes I am all for changing this law so that this does not happen again and if it does and it is proven later that you did the crime then you do the time. SO YES AMERICA STAND UP and let's sign this petition. Let our voices be heard. We have to do something to make sure that this TRAVESTY NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.


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