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Let UberCab be Uber

    1. Mike Rowan
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      Mike Rowan

      Wakefield, RI

As you many or may not know the folks @UberCab have been issued a cease and desist order from the SF Metro Transit Authority & the Public Utilities Commission of California.

More here: http://blog.ubercab.com/day/2010/10/24

If your like me or the many others I know that have found @UberCab to be one of the most innovative approches to transportation in the Bay area (and, soon other areas) then you should let your voice be heard.  Don't let all their work go to waste, and let's see if we can push the law and lawmakers to actually praise innovation rather than be stifle it.  Making sure they can continue on is the responsibility of all of us, especially the technology innovators & entrepreneurs - don't let them be bullied.

- @mikerowan


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