Let's Make Sure Each Maryland Student Knows How to Save a Life
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Let's Make Sure Each Maryland Student Knows How to Save a Life

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Right now, if someone you knew fell victim to a sudden cardiac arrest, odds are they wouldn’t survive. But if we lived in a world where most everyone knew CPR and was ready to help, we could double, even triple their chance of survival. You can help. 

An estimated 4,000 out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) occur annually in Maryland, of which only 11% of victims survive. We can improve the odds of surviving SCA by increasing the number of potential bystanders who have been trained in CPR. Establishing a high school graduation requirement that all students learn to properly perform the skills necessary to administer CPR will assure the addition of thousands of lifesavers in our communities…and could double or even triple the SCA survival rate across the state. 

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of our nation’s leading killers and CPR may be the most valuable lesson a student can learn. Give our kids the power and confidence to save a life when it matters most. Let’s make sure they learn CPR before they graduate high school. 

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    • Jennifer Witten ARNOLD, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      Heart Attacks happen in the community not usually in the hospital.


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