• Petitioned Let's make Autism awareness month Autism Pride month.

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Let's make Autism awareness month Autism Pride month.

Re-evaluate what it means for one to live with autism.

    1. alexander fisher-levesque
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      alexander fisher-levesque

      westfield, MA

I feel like when I personally was labeled with high functioning autism/aspergers that it set off something in my brain to make me work less hard and value my abilities less. I went from an All A's student and gradually fell into a despair that affected my attendance as well as my GPA plummeting. I now see myself as better for having a set of challenges and that these obstacles do exist but I'm very proud to be an Aspy...after all we do tend to be smarter than the average bear, so why not relabel the autism awareness month for those of us who feel that maybe instead of being aware everybody can celebrate the great aspies of the past such as Einstein...Eh?

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