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  • Petitioned Oakland County Family Court (Pontiac)

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Oakland County DHS
Oakland County Family Court (Pontiac)
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    1. Jessica Reed
    2. Petition by

      Jessica Reed

      farmington hills, MI

I refused entry of CPS worker (by demanding a search and seizure warrant which is exercising my constitutional rights) and the CPS worker calls for police back up.
I refused entry to police and detectives and they still kidnapped my children! There was no court order for removal. 
CPS decides after shortly after the birth of our twins they would also kidnap them! I did not consent to the kidnapping of my children.
 My son who is in Egypt visiting family can not come home as CPS threatened to take him if he stepped foot on American soil! They are forcibly deporting him, because he can not come home to be with his family due to threats made by CPS. My children are suffering emotionally, and physically all the while CPS is trying to cover up the fact they lied and broken many laws!! My daughter who is 5.5 begs to come home at every visitation, is acting up in foster care and my 23 mth old cries to leave with us! Our twins who are now 4 mths (born preemies) were put on meds, and vaccinated without our consent! This has to stop!!

We are in a huge legal battle with CPS and are trying to bring back our children before they are damaged even further!

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    2. Let Our Children Go!

      Jessica Reed
      Petition Organizer

      Figuring out the details, but there's going to be a protest soon. If you can also organize a protest in your state, that would be even better! The protest is not just for my children but for all children everywhere who do not have a voice, for those being mistreated in foster care, and being used by the state! Our children are their pay checks. They are medicating them, brain washing them, lying to them. 90% of all foster children state wide as we speak are being numbed with medication, told they have conditions they don't really have (ADHD,ADD, Depression) therefore labeling them with "special needs", they do as much as they can to squeeze every child for every cent they can, and Yes they are getting away with it! If the child is lucky he won't be abused (mentally, physically, emotionally) but chances of them not being abused are very slim! Most (not all) foster parents are retired, or just don't want to work and in need of money, they don't really care about our children.

    3. Reached 50 signatures
    4. CPS/Dhs are in review of Attorney General Bill Schuette and Hansen Clarke

      Jessica Reed
      Petition Organizer

      UPDATE: Hansen Clarke transferred the case to "Mary Anne Godbloldo's" attorney and we finally have a chance to fight, when our other attorney's have done nothing but allow CPS to bury us deeper into their lies, tricks, and broken laws! We WILL get them back, but we need support to get them back sooner rather than later. The more time passes the more emotionally injured my children get. They have attempted to brain wash the oldest and tell her things to distance her from her siblings because she is the only one who can talk!!


    Reasons for signing

    • Alwi Safuan Ahmad Aziz SIBU, MALAYSIA
      • 9 months ago

      Every children belongs to their parents ! Whatever happens, it's the children who gets to decide where they wanna lives ! Not the country, not the forces. Nobody loves a kid more than the person who carried them in womb for 9 months! Fck this kind of law!

    • robin lane KIMBALL, MI
      • 9 months ago

      its morally wrong the goal of the CPS is to bring the family togethre again not keep them apart

    • Andrea Blevins Beger EASTPOINTE, MI
      • 9 months ago

      This is happening to my family in michigan

    • kerri lonechild REGINA, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      my kids are in care cuz of fosterpaernts and cps my two oldest are gone with a long story behind my back that wasnt never true in the firstplace makes me angry and hurt how they do this and rip our familys apart

    • Chelsea Torres OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
      • over 1 year ago

      I am going threw the same thing u are but worse they are brain washing my children in to saying they do not want to come home and makeing them say that I hurt them when I know its not true


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