Let Freedom Ring
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Let Freedom Ring

    1. Don Blaze
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      Don Blaze

      Springfield, OR

Occupy Eugene has the potential to be shining example to the rest of the movement, but mostly this petition is important because by supporting Occupy Eugene in staying at one park (that appears to be safer than ever!) you support the people of this great nation and their rights as humans and as Americans.  Occupy Eugene is no haven for disease or crime, but is in fact a place with much love and compassion for fellow humans in walks of life.  Some of the occupiers are college students, college graduates, business owners, doctors, men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds...  All individuals, with their own ideas, their own beliefs and aspirations.  All united with one real cause.  FREEDOM  We do this for the children.

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    1. We've reached over 25 signatures! A great step on the way to success. :-)

      Don Blaze
      Petition Organizer

      Getting some signatures is a great start, but much more are needed. Please continue to SHARE this petition in support of our rights.

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    • Alison Halderman EUGENE, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      Occupy Eugene is making respectful use of a grassy area surrounded by cars, not used as a park in any other way. They are expressing opinions in a visible form of free speech (signs). They are creating a functional meeting place for citizens, while providing a positive option for those homeless already or willing to be substance free. This should save the city money over time, while citizen donations are coming in to take care of services the encampment needs.

    • Bob Dobbsin EUGENE, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      I support the American constitution. I support bravery in the face of extreme adversity when the people being brave are trying to help us all. I feel we have better ways to spend commmunity funds than hassling some people that are taking a dangerous urban drug park and creating a teaching center as well as providing direct help to many who would still be suffering.

    • Linda Finley EUGENE, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      The future depends on the work we do today.

    • Teri Ferguson CRESWELL, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      I believe that this movement which is happening around the world, not just here in Eugene is just the beginning of what the future will hold. I actually think this might just be the great shift in consciousness that is needed for humanity to evolve into a more collective and unified species that is able to care for one another and does so.

      I support the City & Police and honor them for being wise enough to realize it is in our best interest to not resist these changes. There are other cities around the nation that have attempted to break up these encampments, thousands of dollars of tax payers money already spent to assemble extra police forces from surrounding areas, police mounted on horses, motorcycles and squadrons of police lines armed with riot gear ,rubber bullets and pepper spray. All the time drawing them away from being able to respond to real crimes that are taking place and just when they think they have got it shut down, it appears again over night back in greater numbers.

      This movement has the power to change the world and create a new world that works for everyone, why on Earth would any sane person want to stop that?

      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein...

      I for one think it’s about time for a change and I applaud the City of Eugene in its attempt to be a role model for the rest of the nation.

    • Sabra Marcroft EUGENE, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      The population of homeless folks in Eugene/Springfield has far outstripped existing social services. Occupy Eugene can bring in the donations to keep folks fed.


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