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Repeal drivers licenses for illegal aliens

    1. Nancy Hicks
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      Nancy Hicks

      Tijeras, NM

This law was originally put in as a "public safety issue", believing that those who are in New Mexico illegally, of any nationality, would purchase automobile insurance, register their cars and apply for drivers’ licenses, as required by NM law. It has been proven that this scenario hasn't happened. Insurance rates did not go down, as proposed when the bill passed, car registration didn't increase and the only thing that has happened with providing drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens is that people, from both inside and outside of the state of New Mexico, have fastened on a way to "sell" those legal drivers’ licenses to people, who have no federally issued documentation to reside in this country, at the expense of the citizens of New Mexico. It has been reported, by both state officials and outside media that the illegal aliens applying for drivers’ licenses have given fictitious names and addresses, which the NM MVD department can't or won't verify before issuing a license.
New Mexico is now facing the start of the Real ID program, which will begin January 1, 2013. This Federal program will invalidate New Mexico drivers’ licenses as a way of providing ID to any federally funded public transportation such as airlines, trains and interstate busses. New Mexico drivers’ licenses will not be accepted at any border patrol checkpoint, such as Arizona, Texas or California. This will require all New Mexicans to carry a certified birth certificate or passport to prove that they are U.S. citizens. The continued program of providing drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens is breaking USC Title 8, Chapter 12, as the offer of drivers’ licenses is an inducement for illegal aliens to continue residing in the U.S. Our elected officials have sworn to uphold the laws of the state of New Mexico and by extension, the laws of the country that this state belongs to, The United States of America.
New Mexico citizens are tired of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people and by the illegal aliens that are flooding this state with people who have decided that the laws of this country are not something that they are required to follow. It is past time for this law to be repealed and to let illegal aliens know that New Mexico is no longer a haven for law-breakers, no matter what the excuse is.
By signing this petition, you are attesting to the fact that you are a registered voter within the state of New Mexico and a legal citizen, naturalized or born, of the United States of America.

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    • anthony Hadden SCHENECTADY, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Obama cut a major part of federal funding to border patrol. please sign the petitions on here to impeach obama. lets save our constitution and bill of rights from obama.

    • anthony Hadden SCHENECTADY, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      they are not citizens. they do not deeserve ANY U.S CITIZEN rights.

    • Amanda Shetrone SMYRNA, GA
      • over 2 years ago

      If you sneak over here ILLEGALLY why would you bother with any of our laws? Logic. My suggestion is to sweep them all out to Mexico, and build an armed wall.

      Until that happens, prevent the Maxican invaders from driving on our roads at all, Cockroaches that have no documentation whatsoever have no rights here... they need'nt a drivers license nor any govt. help.


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