Legally Kidnapped By CPS (child protective services)
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Legally Kidnapped By CPS (child protective services)

    1. tracy barth
    2. Petition by

      tracy barth

      Poteet, TX

Thousands of families are being torn apart by CPS. CPS gets a bonus every time they remove a child from their home. Have you ever noticed the children the make the news are the ones that have been killed, molested, tortured and treated like animals, actually worse then animals. Have you ever stopped and really listened to what the media has said about them, i have that CPS was involved and they were trying to keep the family together, this really is disgusting, because the truth is these are damaged children and CPS cant place them in homes. They need healthy children emotionally and physically. They also come from families that don't have the means to hire an attorney that will fight CPS.That's why the media will not interview us about my grandchildren. They haven't been abused and aren't news worthy. Please help me to get this out there, we are not the only ones going through this. If we all stand together we can make a difference.

Here is a list of reccomendations Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer had wanted to impose upon CPS and I believe we should help her to get these changes made. her voice was silenced due to an apparent murder/suicide after she started to expose CPS for the corrupt government organization that they are.

1. Call for an independent audit of the Department of Family and Children’s Services
(DFCS) to expose corruption and fraud.
2. Activate immediate change. Every day that passes means more families and children
are subject to being held hostage.
3. End the financial incentives that separate families.
4. Grant to parents their rights in writing.
5. Mandate a search for family m... embers to be given the opportunity to adopt their
own relatives.
6. Mandate a jury trial where every piece of evidence is presented before removing a
child from his or her parents.
7. Require a warrant or a positive emergency circumstance
before removing children from their parents. (Judge Arthur G. Christean, Utah Bar
Journal, January, 1997 reported that “except in emergency circumstances, including
the need for immediate medical care, require warrants upon affidavits of probable
cause before entry upon private property is permitted for the forcible removal of
children from their parents.”)
8. Uphold the laws when someone fabricates or presents false evidence. If a parent
alleges fraud, hold a hearing with the right to discovery of all evidence.
Senator Nancy Schaefer
50th District of Georgia



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    1. CLOSED

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      I have not closed this petition, has closed it. I am trying to get it re-opened as of this posting. I have recently discovered that my grand-babies have not been adopted but are still in foster care.There is still so much to do and this news has increased the amount of work that still needs to be done. I continue to have faith that we will prove the state wrong in their decision to remove these children. And have them returned back to the family. Never give up!

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    3. Adoptive Family

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      I have recently obtained the email address of the family that has my grand kids. I have emailed them and told them the story of how their dream of having children became a reality, because they(cps) stole my grand kids. I am hoping that this family will want to do the right thing and return them. I just pray everyday that they are doing well. There is an enormous gap in our family with the children gone. Thanksgiving, Christmas, their birthdays, daily milestones are all days, moments and memories that can never be recovered. I want to ask everyone that has signed or is signing this right now please share this and help me to help my grand children before its to late. I don't want them to be a statistic like 100's of other children have. Help me stop this vicious cycle and end the abuse to children and their families at the hands of cps and our government. Thank you and God bless( whom ever your god may be).

    4. Time

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      I have not given up, I shall continue forward. It will happen when the time is right until then, I pray that the children are safe and doing well. I will have my grandkids again one day in my life.

    5. Response from the office of the Inspector General

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      Well while the man that took the report seemed concerned it did no good. He made his report and it went straight to the office of consumer affairs, I have been in contact with that office so much that they now send me the same response letter each time. so needless to say i am back at square one.

    6. Office of the Inspector General

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      I had a meeting with the office of the inspector general on friday. This is internal affairs. The man conducting the interview seemed as though he were concerned and wanted to help. I will not allow myself to get to excited as things could change in the next step. i am however very grateful to have got someone to listen, i pray as his report starts to filter up to the investigators that they agree that there was wrongdoing. If they do this will be a milestone and start to hopefully making changes.

    7. 100

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      We have reached 100! I am excited they say the first 100 is the hardest. Thank you everyone that has signed. Please share with friends and family and lets get more signatures.. thank you

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    9. Email from the White House PT 2

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      Because of the courageous acts of our service members, we have been able to end the war in Iraq and take down Osama bin Laden. We have also made historic commitments to provide for our troops as they return home. Securing our country’s future will take time, but I will not stop working to rebuild the kind of America where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules.

      The achievements we have won must be matched by a commitment to address the many challenges that remain. When we join together in pursuit of a better America for all—whether by offering our time volunteering in our communities or simply lending a hand to someone in need—there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

      Thank you, again, for taking the time to write. I encourage you to explore to learn more about how we are moving America forward. To find ways to get involved with my Administration, please visit

      The White House

      Dr. Jill Biden and General Ray Odierno, Chief of Staff of the Army, make a toast with sparkling cider before the "Operation Educate the Educators" event at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., Oct. 3, 2012.

    10. Email from the White House PT 1

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      I sent an email to the president, well more then one, addressing my concerns on cps and reforming family law and this is the response i received. Not one word is mentioned about any of my concerns. Thanks president obama great job,not.

      October 5, 2012

      Dear Tracy:
      Thank you for your thoughtful words. Each letter I receive from Americans like you reminds me of what is best about our country, and these messages motivate me to continue working to ensure that spirit is reflected in our Government.

      From putting Americans back to work to expanding access to medical care, my Administration continues to take bold action to do what is right for our Nation. We have enacted the most comprehensive financial reforms in decades, rescued and helped retool our auto industry, expanded student aid to millions of young people, helped level the playing field for working women, and made the largest investment in clean energy in our history.

    11. Grandparents

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      I have learned that we grandparents have no rights in the great state of texas. what kind of crap is this. These babies are my flesh and blood too. I ahve also learned that to be a case worker you do not have to have a license only a 4 year degree in anything. Only social workers are required to have a degree. What has me confused is whether your a " case worker" or a " social worker" you do the exact same job. so why dont they require you to be licesned in a field where you have the potenial to ruin the lives of families and forever cause emotional trauma to children. In the hands of cps more children have emotional problems then ever and are drugged for it, more children are murdered with cps then at hoem, our prisons are full of adults that were once in foster care and the majority of serial killers are adults that had once been a foster children. Children are abused and neglected and without a mother or families love because they never feel they belong.

    12. PROTEST

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      Nationwide Protest on September 28th got to and sign up to attend in your area.

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    14. National Coalition for Child Protection Reform

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      Foster Care vs. Family Preservation:
      The Track Record on Safety and Well-being
      real family preservation programs have a
      better record for safety than foster care.
      And even when families don’t get
      special help, two huge studies have found
      that children left in their own homes typically
      do better than comparably-maltreated
      children placed in foster care.In
      group homes there was more than ten times
      the rate of physical abuse and more than 28
      times the rate of sexual abuse as in the
      general population,"I've been doing this work for a long
      time and represented thousands and
      thousands of foster children, both in classaction
      lawsuits and individually, and I have
      almost never seen a child, boy or girl, who
      has been in foster care for any length of time
      who has not been sexually abused in some
      way, whether it is child-on-child or not."


      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      Ted Gunderson Speech to Congressional Hearing on Child Protection 3/13/04
      by Ted L. Gunderson < > 
      March 13, 2004
      San Bernardino, California
      March 13, 2004
      Town Hall Forum with Congressman Joe Baca
      "Children Protective Services Reform"
      Respectfully Presented by Ted L. Gunderson,
      FBI Senior Special Agent In Charge (Ret)
      Honorable Lawmakers, Guardians of the United States Constitution and the Federal Treasury,
      I am a licensed private investigator with more than 54 years experience. This includes more than 27 years as a special agent with the FBI. At the time of my retirement on March 30, 1979, I was in charge of the FBI LOS ANGELES Division, which included most of Southern California. I had more than 700 personnel under my command, with a budget of 22.5 Million Dollars.
      As a licensed private investigator I have specialized in exposing graft, corrupt

    16. Go Fund Me

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      I have set up a donation page at Go fund me. For anyone wishing to help me to raise money to help fight this corrupt system and bring these children back home. To help change some laws and have CPS held accountable for their actions. To help change the laws on how CPS handles cases.

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      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      7. Require a warrant or a positive emergency circumstance
      before removing children from their parents. (Judge Arthur G. Christean, Utah Bar Journal, January, 1997 reported that “except in emergency circumstances, including the need for immediate medical care, require warrants upon affidavits of probable cause before entry upon private property is permitted for the forcible removal of children from their parents.”)
      8. Uphold the laws when someone fabricates or presents false evidence. If a parent alleges fraud, hold a hearing with the right to discovery of all evidence.
      Senator Nancy Schaefer
      50th District of Georgia

    19. THIS IS A LIST OF THE RECCOMENDATIONS Senator Nancy Schaefer

      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      1. Call for an independent audit of the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) to expose corruption and fraud.
      2. Activate immediate change. Every day that passes means more families and children are subject to being held hostage.
      3. End the financial incentives that separate families.
      4. Grant to parents their rights in writing.
      5. Mandate a search for family members to be given the opportunity to adopt their own relatives.
      6. Mandate a jury trial where every piece of evidence is presented before removing a child from his or her parents.


      tracy barth
      Petition Organizer

      From the legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th District of Georgia
      November 16, 2007 BY: Nancy Schaefer Senator, 50th District
      This article by this judge is a must read. She was killed shortly after attempting to expose CPS.

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    Reasons for signing

    • harold collingridge WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • 9 months ago


      Child and family services of central

      court summary



      That this case be dismissed and Riley Nicole Williams be returned to the mother immediately or

      at least placed in a foster home in Winnipeg so that the parents can have regular visitation and

      work toward reconciliation due to this summery from Samantha Morgan C.F.S has misleading and

      false and misleading information regardless of the truth she had been told about this situation .

      That it had been reported that Samantha Morgan has been known to use marijuana on her off time to

      settle her from her stressful job and there for conflict of interest.

      That Samantha Morgan still persists to take this situation personally, lying and giving false

      testimony to protect her profession using degrading name calling and insults to undermine Harold

      and Jessica's abilities no matter that the charges were dismissed and found to be a waste of tax payers

      money and a waste of the courts time.

      That Samantha Morgan promised to help Jessica through postpartum by placing Riley in care

      temporary for three months with Jessica’s brother, Vaughn friesen and sister in law Ardith until

      Jessica felt she was able to care for Riley once postpartum was under control. But Jessica didn’t

      know it was a plot for the holdeman family to keep and adopt the child.

      That there was no mention of concern for the well being of the child Riley Nicole Friesen and

      Jessica friesen's safety until Bernie and Mildred Friesen made false allegations three days after

      Jessica returned home where Bernie Friesen yelled at the Morris R.C.M.P. on the phone and

      demanded to have Harold Collingridge charged and arrested claiming they were fearful. Not

      because Jessica was afraid. The Morris R.C.M.P. did so due to the parents claiming they were

      fearful, not due to the allegations since WPG. Police did attend on the night of may 3rd to find

      that postpartum , no sleep and crying baby was the only cause for the stress that caused the

      disagreement as to where the baby was to sleep that night.

      That Samantha Morgan stated that within 3 months the child would be returned to Jessica

      (regardless of what the allegations were at that time.)

      That at the time of Samantha Morgans decision , Samantha had already know about the allegations

      between Harold and Jessica and knew it was due to postpartum and knew that all assumptions were

      dismissed in court and still promised to return Riley to Jessica regardless.

      That Samantha Morgan changed her mind to return Riley to Jessica just because Jessica decided to

      reconcile her relationship with Harold Collingridge, Jessica claimed in court that her parents lied

      about Harold and what happened on the eve of may 3rd to make Harold look bad and allow their

      family to adopt the baby and were keeping Jessica against her will, there for Samantha Morgan

      making false testimony based on stories told from Bernie and Mildred Friesen not on facts.

      That Samantha Morgan refused to acknowledge the abuse that Jessica sustained through her own

      childhood while living with her parents in Rosenort under the direction of the leader of their church

      and Samantha Morgan continues to leave baby Riley in foster care with the brother who also

      sustained abuse and sexual abuse from his father Bernie Friesen and who also takes direction from

      the leader of that church " spare the rod spoil the child" '

      That Jessica made it clear and known to Samantha Morgan that she saw both her brother Vaughn

      and her mother Mildred Friesen squeeze the baby Riley on numerous occasions each time the baby


      That Jessica made it known to Samantha Morgan that the child jumps with fear at slight noises

      recalling that Jessica her self was not allowed to make noise in the house, where the parents would

      clasp their hands in warning to stay quiet.

      That Mildred Friesen said she could not handle baby Riley and did not want her residing in her

      house with Jessica and planned with her son Vaughn and daughter in law Ardith to somehow get the

      child in their home since at that time they could not have children of their own.

      That the child Riley was brought to the public health nurse on may 8th 2013 on assumption by

      Jessica's parents who claimed that the child was harmed just so that the father Harold , who is not

      holder man , would not be permitted to see his child.

      That The allegations ,which in fact were not true were prompted by Mildred Friesen and Bernie

      Friesen who stated "we will do what ever it takes to keep Jessica and Riley here in our community"

      and " we are very jealous and possessive grand parents "

      That the public health nurse examined the child to find there were no injury.

      That the child Riley was not present during the argument which took place outside .

      That there was no force with the child Riley during the time where Samantha Morgan states that

      the child was grabbed forcefully leaving Samantha open for slander and defamation of character

      charges .

      That Samantha Morgan has been known to use marijuana herself as a form of stress relief and has a

      picture going on in her mind based on what Jessica’s parents claimed which is false and hearsay.

      That they were not even present at the time of the argument which took place May 3rd 2013.

      people argue from time to time .

      That Samantha Morgan knows full well that the baby was not harmed or pulled on , on may 3, 2013

      but used these words only to strengthen her case for an apprehension order because without this false

      testimony she would have no case and she would be in trouble.

      That Samantha Morgan states that it had been reported that..."Mr. Collingridge grabbed the baby and

      Mr Collingridge's sister forcibly removed the baby from Mr Collingridge's sister and gave baby to

      Mrs Friesen which is not true again showing that Samantha Morgans use of marijuana on her time

      off makes her statements mixed up and unreliable. Neither Harold , Jessica or Teresa used any force

      with baby and never would.

      That the truth is as follows

      That on the day of may 3, 2013 , Jessica had taken a number of Tylenol 3 due to postpartum and

      colitis attack and felt sick and uneasy because of the amount of Tylenol 3 she had taken, She

      then brought Riley to the change table in the living room to allow baby to lay there and focus on

      the colourful mobile attached to the change table and then baby fell asleep content.

      Teresa and Jessica sat and talked till 12:00 pm

      That around 12:05 Harold came to take baby Riley to her bassinet and Jessica did not want baby

      to be woken up since she was finally asleep and if woken might cry all night which is what

      caused the no sleep which caused stress and the disagreement.

      That when Harold picked up baby carefully , Jessica said Teresa tell Harold to leave her here to

      sleep and got up to proceed to take baby but did not grab or mishandle .

      That the sister Teresa interceded and took baby to her own bedroom to sleep to give parents

      a restful sleep knowing that postpartum, a crying baby and no sleep had worn both parents

      Harold and Jessica out to the point of exhaustion.

      That due to postpartum, Jessica called her parents whom she hadn’t spoken to for three years

      to surprise them with the knowledge that although her brother Vaughn and sister in law Ardith

      could not have children and had been trying for 7 years that she, Jessica had a baby girl and

      wanted to come home for the weekend to spend time with the family and Jessica claimed to

      think about confronting her parents about her own abuse she sustained by the hands of her

      own parents Bernie and Mildred Friesen..

      That once Jessica got home the parents, Bernie and Mildred Friesen gave tylenol 3, sleeping and

      pills and gravol not realizing that Jessica had just taken 8 - to 10 Tylenol 3 , the previous eve

      , then claimed that her eyes were dilated and claimed she had a concussion.

      That the parents claimed That Jessica was delirious and could not remember if she banged her

      head on the door jam coming into the house on the night of may 3rd 2013 but did remember

      tripping on the grass in the yard .

      That even though this was told to Samantha Morgan , she still would not acknowledge the facts

      but instead listened to a prefabricated story created by Berne and Mildred Friesen even though

      they were not present during the dispute on the night of may 3, 2013. creating hearsay.

      That due to not being permitted a TV. radio. newspaper or computer , the holder mans are

      paranoid and claim that outsiders are evil and unpredictable which is why they tell such fables .

      That the parents Bernie and Mildred Friesen in this case have tainted the truth due to implanting

      their own paranoid perception claiming the worst scenario , they are taught to be afraid of outsiders

      in their church in the holder man community claiming that outsiders have the devil in them.

      That it had been reported to Samantha Morgan that the police did come to the residence on the

      night of the dispute to conclude no wrong findings , no abuse and no concerns other than that

      the dispute was the cause of no sleep, postpartum, a crying baby and depression due to no sleep .

      That Samantha Morgan wrote false testimony in her summery claiming page 2 paragraph c

      claiming the police said everyone seemed roughed up. That the police claimed there were no

      children present in the home as they did come to the home and Samantha claims that the case

      was that baby Riley was in the home again Samantha Morgan was assuming.

      That it was not Jessica who perused charges against Harold Collingridge and that the police were

      not going to press charged until three days later after Bernie Friesen prefabricated a story and

      yelled on the phone to the Morris R.C.M.P which had a domino effect which had

      Harold arrested and jailed for a week which created a stigma attached to this situation which gave

      c,f,s a wrong picture which created Samantha Morgans perception.

      That regardless of the fact that court day came and charges were dropped and dismissed due

      to the findings that the parents Bernie and Mildred Friesen (who will be charged with

      public mischief and slander) fabricated the story to gain control over their daughter Jessica

      Friesen and kept Jessica medicated then reported her constant sleeping to Samantha Morgan

      which caused Samantha to apprehend and place Riley in the care of Jessica's brother and sister

      in law who could not have children of their own but remain in the holder man community

      where the parents claimed that Jessica was flighty.

      That the child was not apprehended due to any concern of abuse because it was not the case but

      rather the child was apprehended and placed with Jessica's brother because Mildred Friesen fed

      Jessica non prescribed Tylenol 3 , sleeping pills and gravol to keep her sedated and then

      told Samantha Morgan that Jessica always sleeps and is unable to care for baby.

      That Samantha Morgan , Without knowing about the parents sedating Jessica offered

      a temporary guardianship order until Jessica got over her postpartum manipulating

      and offering support while Jessica had been sedated by her parents.

      That Mildred Friesen, knowing that her daughter-in law, Ardith and son Vaughn had been trying

      for 7 years to have a child, pre meditated a plan for Vaughn and Ardith to get Riley into their care

      by sedating Jessica and reporting to C.F.S. That Jessica could not take care of Riley.

      That after Jessica returned to Winnipeg and asked for her child back the social worker mihaela

      Iacob accidentally send a message for Samantha Morgan to Jessica's email asking ,

      “what should I tell this family for the reason of apprehension when the child was already

      6 months old , the social worker .Mihaela did not have a reason as to why the child

      was in care, knowing very well it was due to postpartum only.

      That mihaela Iacob told Jessica instructed by Samantha Morgan that Jessica would get her child

      back once Jessica had her address changed on her drivers licence to show her new address

      ,there for showing no reason for apprehension, no concern for abuse , no concern for

      reconciliation with Harold but only waiting for Jessica to obtain proof a permanent residence.

      That through that motivation Jessica sought a permanent residence with Harold's sister , Teresa

      who is a certified relationship counsellor , retired foster parent ( specializing in special needs) ,

      certified para educator and has her own business known as sixth dimension counselling

      and advocating services to help people who have anxiety and depression problems .

      That once Jessica got settled and moved into the permanent residence , C.F.S. . Mihaela and

      Samantha kept prolonging with empty promises to return daughter Riley and offered visitation

      way out in Winkler where both Harold and Jessica had no way of getting there since they don’t

      have a car because Jessica’s parents Bernie and Mildred Friesen kept Jessica's autopac money

      after Jessica had a car accident therefor Jessica could not get another car.

      That instead of bringing the child in for visitation half hour to the city C.F.S. took the child one

      hour south of Rosenort to Winkler and expected the parents to find a ride two hours south of

      wpg for a one hour visitation and since a ride could not be found, miahila and Samantha

      Morgan claimed , the parents Harold Collingridge and Jessica Friesen had no interest in visitations.

      That on page 2 , 2nd paragraph , Jessica did not ask for a protection order but the protection

      order came into place only because Bernie Friesen yelled at the Morris R.C.M.P. and insisted

      a protection order claiming they were fearful of Harold. (their words).

      That firstly Samantha Morgan knew that Jessica had used marihuana during and after pregnancy

      but still permitted Jessica to have her daughter Riley while residing at her parents until Harold

      called Samantha to remind Samantha of Jessica abuse she sustained as a child and demanded that

      Riley be moved and failed to investigate on page 2 paragraph 3 , Jessica has spoken to a

      doctor who taught a course at the university of Winnipeg who claimed a lot of people use

      marijuana for medical purposes and colitis would be a recognized symptom which would permit

      Jessica to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

      That Jessica has severe colitis which she takes medication for but during pregnancy she was

      warned to not take those medications in case it would cause damage for the baby and this is

      why Jessica chose to use marijuana only when needed for colitis,

      That Jessica parent found a source of financial gain when they heard of the national benefit

      authority offering up to 20,000 for people who would have raised a child with a disability..

      suddenly Jessica had aspergers but never had aspergers before this date at age 22.

      That Bernie Friesen and Mildred Friesen are third cousins and married could be the result of a

      child born with mental disability or autism down generations which is what Jessica and

      Harold reported to Samantha Morgan thinking maybe that was why Riley cried when held but

      loved to lay and look around . Here Samantha fails to report our concerns but makes her

      Summary sound like the baby has a problem with Jessica in the following paragraph

      That Samantha Morgan twisted this information and wrote on summery page 2 ,

      paragraph 3 claiming that Riley arched her back and turned away from Ms Friesen when

      Ms Friesen held her, but failed to mention baby does this when anyone holds her.

      That while Mildred Friesen was feeding Jessica Tylenol 3 and sleeping pills to keep her sedated,

      she then told Samantha Morgan that Jessica did not wake to feed baby for 14 hours

      (due to being sedated from her mother ). so then did the baby starve for 14 hours or did

      Mildred feed her, there for Mildred Friesen fault for the baby going without a feeding since

      Mildred was supposed to be the care provider while Jessica was going through postpartum.

      But this also shows how Mildred sedated Jessica and planned to have it known. Further more

      it wasn’t 14 hours, it was 10 hours between 10 pm and 8 am and Jessica had reported that one time

      during the night the baby slept 10 hours and when she asked the doctor about this, the doctor

      said if the baby needs something she will wake and let you know. Sometimes with the luck of

      the draw a baby will sleep through the night.

      Furthermore without investigation Samantha Morgan writes in her summery page 2 paragraph 3

      that the father Harold Collingridge gave baby Riley laxatives, prune juice and corn syrup at the

      age of 8 weeks old but Samantha Morgan failed to report that the baby was constipated

      due to Jessica was taking Tylenol 3 sustaining whip lash from a car accident and was nursing

      which would have caused constipation for the baby and under the direction of the doctor,

      the father gave baby laxatives as a last resort but first tried one tablespoon of prune juice

      mixed with four oz of water and another time half tsp of corn syrup mixed with four oz of

      water on separate days to try to relieve baby Riley of constipation and it did help.

      Samantha Morgan should take a class on babies and constipation. Samantha Morgan is

      fault finding to build against the parents because she wants to win not because of any concern

      for the child. If it was concern for the child she wouldn’t find fault with corn syrup baby prune

      juice or baby laxatives for constipation and would have investigated properly.

      That due to Bernie and Mildred's paranoia and concern to build a case against Harold, not concerns

      of C.F,S. Or concerns for Jessica but just to keep Harold away from his child because he is not

      of the Holdeman sect .

      It is know that x rays can cause thyroid damage, . there was no reason for x ray since

      the child was not manhandled at all but placed from one bed to another again showing that

      Samantha had not properly investigated but rather , she is assuming.

      That Harold Collingridge called Samantha Morgan in June and insisted that baby Riley do not

      stay with Bernie and Mildred Friesen due to the information that Jessica shared about the abuse

      Jessica sustained at her parents house while being raised, there for Samantha asked the

      friesen's to bring baby Riley to Winkler, so Ardith , Mildred and Jessica went to Winkler and

      arranged to have baby placed with Jessica's sister in law Ardith and brother Vaughn and sister

      in law Ardith for a short term of three to six months.

      That Jessica was only diagnosed with A.D.H.D in her school years but was never diagnosed

      with aspergers until 2009, age 22 where Bernie and Mildred heard of the national benefit

      authority where the Friesen's could get up to 20,000 for tax benefit if raising a child with a disability,

      That the aspergers assessment that Jessica has in her possession is written word for word using

      the Wikipedia dictionary from the internet and is not likely a true assessment . Furthermore

      anyone with aspergers can learn and advance just like anyone else can.

      That Jessica reported to the national benefit authority that her parents Bernie and Mildred Friesen

      had frauded them and agreed to send in a copy of the assessment and the copy from the Wikipedia


      That on summery page 2 paragraph 5 that Samantha Morgan minimizes complaints made by Jessica’s claims of abuse sustained by her parents while growing up in Rosenort and Samantha states there are no reports to substantiate this knowing full well that holder mans are not allowed to talk to

      outsiders about what happens at home lest they be strapped with a belt or willow stick and confined to their home. Same scenario as the Gladstone Mennonite situation where 26 children were apprehended.

      That Samantha reports that Mr Collingridge was controlling and aggressive through out their relationship another assumption with no investigation. yet Jessica strived so hard to tell the truth in court that it almost put her in contempt, Jessica wrote her testimony of how her parents made mountains out of molehills and gossiped to the community.

      That Jessica sought to tell the truth and make amends that she went to court to claim she lied because her parents told her to. Teresa had recorded in the hall of the court house on June 4th of how Jessica's Dad Bernie and the auntie Priscilla and the victim services Linda Wilcox had told Jessica what to say and how to say it and no matter what to do as they advised her. Therefor Jessica was prompted as to what to say. On that day the father Bernie and the the victim services Linda Wilcox was holding Jessica’s hands and not allowing her to view Teresa by blocking the view by standing between Jessica and Teresa . Under sedation, Parents , victim services, the auntie and other family members were telling Jessica what to say and do therefor not of Jessica's own doing. This was told to Samantha Morgan and still she wouldn’t investigate . So this led to Jessica leaving her parents home and community and wanting to tell the truth in court.

      That in Samantha Morgans summery page 2 paragraph 6 where Jessica mother did not know Jessica was pregnant was due to the fact that Jessica decided to not have anything to do with her parents unless they apologized for their abuse and excuses and phony ways and accept Harold as her husband, that it was Jessica’s choice to not see her parents it had nothing to do with Harold as Harold was working and took the bus while Jessica had the phone and the car to do as she pleases for 8 to 10 hours per day.

      That Samantha Morgan wrote in her summery page 2 paragraph 7 that Harold breached his protection order but if that were the case he would have been charged in court but the court dismissed the charges because he listened to Jessica's testimony. Samantha Morgan did not mention that the only reason Harold called the house on two occasions was to make sure that Bernie Friesen and Mildred were not abusing her as Jessica said she would call Harold within two days of her leaving the house on may3rd.

      Jessica claimed sleeping pills, Tylenol 3 and other non prescribed medications were given to her and then the parents told her that Teresa and Harold were going to kidnap the baby unless they get a protection order in place there for Harold was not to contact Jessica due to false allegations which was dismissed in court and the two were united in the court house. Furthermore Harold did not call to talk to Jessica but rather he called to talk to Bernie Friesen.

      That at the time of the call , Jessica pleaded to talk to Harold because she was being confined and forced to do things against her will but the parents hung up the phone and told Jessica that Harold and Teresa hated Jessica and did not want anything to do with her ever again which was not true, emotional abuse , they lied to control Jessica . This made Jessica sad ,mad, confused, depressed and angry and then she submitted to the statements that the parents wanted put forward to make Harold look like a bad dangerous person. But when Jessica left he parents she told Teresa what her parents did and wanted to go to court to tell the truth. Jessica wanted the parents charged for lying and confining Her,

      That Samantha Morgan is putting misleading information forward , claiming that Jessica’s parents were suspicious that Harold was present in the van on the day that Teresa delivered the court document where it was not so, that Harold was dropped off at a farm down the road where Teresa picked him up after serving Jessica her court document.

      That on the day when Teresa served Jessica , Teresa was supposed to hand the court document to Jessica in her hand but Mildred Friesen forced Jessica and the baby into the bedroom and kept her there against her wishes as Jessica wanted to come see Teresa to tell Teresa tha her parents were plotting.

      That on page 3 paragraph 1 That Samantha Morgan is writing the worst possible scenario to make Harold to seem unreasonable and dangerous.

      that while Teresa was there serving Jessica her court document that the foster parents believed that Harold and Jessica were planning to kidnap Riley which is again assumption. The words they used is what they themselves did to Jessica by keeping her against her will and sedating her .

      This is again an insinuation not fact.

      On page 3 paragraph 2 shows how confused Samantha Morgan where Samantha claims that this is where they decided to remove Riley yet on page 2 paragraph 5 , Samantha claims that due to x rays and constipation and baby suppositories and corn syrup and prune juice was the reason for apprehension. That again based on assumptions and paranoia this social worker Samantha Morgan forces her presumptions not facts.

      On page 3 paragraph 2 Samantha Morgan again tries to make mountains out of mole hills by claiming that Harold had a history of not abiding with court orders yet Harold was born in 1965 and had only two situations where he called the home for reason of concern where Jessica was being held against her will and being sedated into com pliancy, and that was the only time he may have breached court order which was thrown out in court due to it was proven in court that Jessica's parents Bernie and Mildred set him up, There for Samantha Morgans words “has a history " is misleading and defamation of character.

      on page 3 of Samantha Morgans summary paragraph 3 where Samantha states that the parents have only seen their baby once . Samantha failed to mention that she has made it impossible for Harold and Jessica to see their child knowing full well that they do not have a car to get to winkler or Morris.

      That time and time again Jessica and Harold have asked for visitations in Winnipeg and Samantha Morgan refuses to do so.

      That Jessica has colitis and cant drive very far for she gets extreme cramps, diareaha and car sick therefor needs visitation in Winnipeg.

      Mihaela, under the direction of her supervisor Samantha Morgan , has agreed time and time again that the baby will be relocated to a foster home in Winnipeg in order to accommodate the parents rights to visitations and reconciliation.

      That Jessica’s extended family practice witch craft in the holdeman sect are not doctors and have no right to insinuate anything about assessment, especially since they put me through physical and mental abuse.

      That If there is anything wrong with Jessica, it is due to the abuse she sustained at the hands of her parents controlling her isolating her strapping her with belts and willow sticks and sedating her with sleeping pills and Tylenol 3, gravol and taking her for morphine shots every two weeks creating a drug addict with emotional problems. Her family in the same sect is covering it up.

      That Jessica was informed that her father Bernie Friesen was sexually abused by his brother and also sexually abused his sons but when Jessica asked her brothers about it, they said lets not create problems for our parents. One brother is Vaughn and he is involved in witch craft in the holdeman sect and is foster Dad for Jessica and Harold's daughter Riley which is why Jessica and Harold want baby moved to the city away from those people.

      That Samantha Morgan reverts to using a previous marriage breakdown to compile negatives to the readers of her summary document by talking about Harold's past relationships with his first wife and children but again neglected to investigate the truth behind this relationship but when Harold wanted to talk..c.f.s. stated to Harold .."we are not going to get into that but then uses it against him.

      That Samantha Morgan uses past material and calls it "an extensive history" against Harold , to create a negative perception without investigating what happened in 1996. summary page 3, part 111, paragraph b yet it was a matter of one situation where his first wife used the zero tolerance and made up a story in order to get her son in her care which ended up in Harold's care after all.

      Samantha writes that their first child was placed in care due to violence which may have been true.. Harold was not in a relationship with Vicki at the time of apprehension , his son Tyler was with his first wife Vicki and she was unkept and left Tyler to his own devices, Harold and Vicky were separated

      for at least 6 months and she was in another relationship at the time of the son Tyler’s apprehension..

      Samantha does not have her dates in order , Harold and Vicki’s divorce came through in 1996. in 1994 Harold was abused by his wife time and time again but Harold felt sorry for her and never pressed charges against her . She used and abused the zero tolerance policy by lying to get a restraining order ,

      Harold would try to leave the relationship and each time she threatened to call the police to say she was abused by him and this created a situation where Vicki was able to control Harold until he finally left . Jay Prober was the lawyer in this case and prooved Vicki used the zero tolerance policy by lying and making false statements to have Harold charged. “ all charges were acquitted “.

      That Harold did not know that his ex wife was pregnant with a child until he found out when the child was two years old and claimed he was not sure whether the child was his and asked for a blood test but was denied by his ex wife. It was Vicki sedo who lost all her children to c.f.s not Harold.

      That the relationship was not filled with domestic violence as Samantha Morgan states in her summary to make Harold look bad but rather the mentally unstable ex wife was fetal alcohol syndrome adopted then sent back to care because she was impossible to care for. She was violent.

      That when Harold met Vicki Sedo (adopted name) Harold was attending church and A.A and Vicki was a raging alcoholic, Harold wanted to help her , so he brought her to A.A. and Church to try to help her. since she could not change Harold got out of the relationship and got custody of their son Tyler

      Sedo after finding out that he was apprehended when he was just under two years of age . Vicki inhaled marijuana into Tyler Sedo at age 2.

      page 3 part 111 b

      Samantha Morgan states that Harold has an extensive history with c.f.s again making mountains out of mole hills. Harold’s involvement with c.f.s. in 1996 was when when Vicki had a restraining order. Samantha failed to mention that the peace bond was reciprocating and all charges between Vicki and Harold were acquitted. Harold called child family services for them to check on Tyler knowing Vicki was an unfit mother and to get custody through supervised visitation which proved Harold was a positive parent who displayed love and affection and care and creativity for his son Tyler Sedo and through this he gained full custody and that was all the involvement he had with c.f.s. in 1996.

      page3 part 111 b) paragraph 2..

      Harold's extensive involvement with c.f.s consisted of Harold's reports from his concerns and what his children were telling him. Harold called c.f.s. many times to complain that his second wife Laura had been leaving the children unattended while they played on the streets and the intersection while she was in the house watching t.v. , the uncle Keith , Lauras Brother lifted Harold's son Devan by the neck for scratching the uncles truck then after the child complained to Harold the uncle Keith said he would kill him if Devan reports anything to his dad about what happens around his mothers house or the uncle Keith's house. c.f.s did not investigate. , the mother Laura slapped Darneil across the face then

      dragged him to his room making him fall on his knees then grounded him to his room for hours for popping his sisters balloon, Darneil ran to his father Harold's house to tell about his mothers abuse and constable ken Friesen was called by Harold and Friesen just returned Darneil home without investigation.

      Harold's extensive involvement with c.f.s consisted of his complaints of abuse sustained by the children s mother and the uncle Keith and the aunty , Lauras sister who lived with Laura at the time while being on crack and was slapping the children. Harold called child family services to investigate, there was no investigation and at that time chad schaan was the lawyer who is also now a c.f.s. lawyer , conflict of interest.

      page 3 part 111 b) paragraph 3

      That After separation Harold and Laura were given joint custody, joint care and control with no primary care giver. Laura and Harold shared equal responsibility until c.f.s got involved and took the children from Harolds house while he was home schooling stating Laura's words that he was

      isolating the children using the same words that Harold used in April of 2009 when Harold called c.f.s to report that Laura was isolating the children. C.F.S stated that they are not to get involved in custody battles as did the r.c.m.p. when Harold called to make complaints. but when it came to Laura's complaints, then c.f.s and the Morris r.c.m.p. got involved where there was no reason to do so.

      The boys were attending Morris school and were as low as kindergarten level or lower when they were in grade four . Harold’s turn to make the final decisions for the year was taken away from him as were the children. that Harold had the children enrolled with john shaw for home schooling and had all the books he needed to teach them and bring them to their potential. jan 2011 . the children were learning their grooming and keeping their room and dresser tidy and abc's and the week days and their

      birthdays and the months of the year and math and reading and science projects all with fun. Harold with the children built a snow castle and talked about how Eskimos lived way up north, they studied the stars and saw the northern lights. C.f..s had no reason to butt in. then c.f.s got a supervision order and placed the children with Laura in a women's shelter and supported Laura and gave full custody to Laura and took away all access from the father Harold and allowed only supervised access once every two weeks destroying the family bond. The lawyer that Laura used was called uncle by the children, and Laura and her lawyer had a friendship relationship. conflict of interest.

      Laura's first lawyer also bamboozled Harold in court when the lawyer said he didn’t have his papers with him and said there was no point for Harold to stick around as nothing could be done that day , when after Harold left the courts, the lawyer suddenly found his paper work and was granted his wishes since Harold was not present. Due to Harold's frustration with all this deception, one day at the court house, Harold did hit Laura once and did the probation and a protection order was in place for Laura not the children for this.

      Samantha Morgan writes that Harold has abused Laura in the past making it look as though he assaulted her many times when in fact within ten years of endurance with Laura and trying to help this girl who had been sexually used by her step father and paid like a prostitute and remained friends with her step dad and her mother keeping the secret until Harold figured it out by Laura’s control issues and mental abuse toward Harold , although he stuck by Laura trying to help her through her issues, being tossed out with his son in the middle of winter, then like a yo yo back and forth she drew him , it was only once that he lost it.

      Being a small town where everyone gossips and sticks together , Harold became the talk of the town and the gossip from Laura and her brother and her sister (who was on crack and hit her lesbian lover over the head with a hammer and fled in fear of being charged) , resulting in defamation of character and slander. Harold then began to isolate himself in fear that the people were against him and felt the need to leave town .

      Harold felt that the town of Morris was like a hillbilly town where one r.c.m.p had stated the further south you get , the more hillbilly they become.

      Harold’s breakdown resulted in depression to the point of post traumatic stress disorder from being bullied and beaten emotionally loosing all he had to live for.. his children and his cries and pleas were ignored by r.c.m.p. and c.f.s. .. and they began to judge Harold calling him crazy harry because he tried to kill himself since he couldn’t take it anymore. He finally left town and said i have to leave all this behind me and left for a different province.

      Due to the neglect from c.f.s and r.c.m.p. ignoring Harold's complaints then turning it all on him caused Harold a breakdown and suffers from it and is now taking effexor for depression and anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. Harold feels as though he has been through a war zone. or a meat grinder. bullied beyond exhaustion.

      Due to this abuse sustained by c.f.s , Harold and Jessica still request that their child be moved to Winnipeg into a christian home. Not a Mennonite home or Mennonite community where they pick on and bully outsiders. not a catholic home but a home where the foster parents attend a non denomination church and have a good standing in their church. With this request, Firstly the parents Harold Collingridge and Jessica Friesen are willing to co operate with C.F.S if they are given access for up to four hours per day in the home where Jessica resides with a christian home support worker. The time to be 12 to 4 until c,f,s is satisfied with the outcome of these visits.

      Harold and Jessica ask that the agency support them in parenting classes and counselling since they have asked for this before.

      Harold and Jessica has asked for their child to be removed from the biased social workers Samantha Morgan and mihiala Iacob due to breech of trust and proven conflict of interest.

      Harold and Jessica request that a new chapter begin in their lives with non biased non prejudiced plan in place for reconciliation.

      Harold and Jessica request that due to conflict of interest and breech of trust that the courts would honour their request and allow Harold and Jessica to work toward reconciliation with their daughter claiming their rights as an important factor of their daughters livelihood.

      Harold and Jessica request that in time within 6 months , when the new agency see's how loving and caring these parents are that the child Riley be placed in care as a place of safety with Teresa Collingridge, retired foster parent Business owner of sixth Dimension Counselling and Advocating services , para educator for special needs children and youth, certified relationship consultant, and specialist with special need children and youth as alternative care with extended family residing in the same residence as Jessica Friesen to over see and support both Harold and Jessica as the parents of Riley.

      The information in Samantha Morgan summary is all based on false information and hearsay without proper investigation. If Samantha Morgan actually believes that there is mental instability with Harold or Jessica , my question is why would she treat them like criminals making mountains out of

      molehills and why wouldn’t they have offered supportive services including home support worker since all persons are entitled to equality regardless of mental status.

      Sixth Dimension counselling and advocating services since 1990

      CEO Teresa Collingridge

    • harold collingridge WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      our baby is being legally kiddnapped

      • 9 months ago

      This should be brought into Northern Ireland and the UK as well and this is another reason why I am signing this. Stealing kids from loving homes should be against the law.

      • 9 months ago

      My 4 children was taken from me over lies

      • 9 months ago

      my children was taken from me over lies and the cps worker just needed a bonus she takes children from homes who dont need took and the ones who need took she dont bother them i have been fighting this since dec 2012


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