Tax cigarettes to finance sports and olympic teams in Lebanon
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Tax cigarettes to finance sports and olympic teams in Lebanon

    1. Hadi Sader
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      Hadi Sader

      Stuttgart, Germany

Smoking is bad. Sports are good.

Smoking can use a push down in Lebanon, sports can use a push up!

Cigarettes are very cheap in Lebanon, and Lebanese are among the heaviest smokers worldwide leading to health problems and increased costs on the health system: both the social security and private insurance companies.

As we could see in the London Olympics, the Lebanese team is very small and weak. Sports need money, and the youth needs encouragement and activities to invest its spare energies. With additional money from the government a dynamic sports campaign can be launched in Lebanon to improve public health, look for talents and give the opportunity to everyone to practice sports. Moreover Sports (also) encourages teamplay, fairness, deflects the energy form negative acts and violence. Its benifits can go much further...

An additional 500LL (0.33US$) to the current 2000LL (1.33US$) will help both decreasing smoking and if invested in sports, in harvesting all its benefits.

If you agree, sign the petition and send it to all your contacts.

For a healthier and friendlier society!!


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    • Ahed Ameen ZAHLE, LEBANON
      • about 2 years ago

      Our world need to be changed, so I would like at least to be part of at least the first little steps..

    • Tony Batal CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      Cigarettes should be taxed even for no specific reason, also smoking shouldn't be permitted in public and closed spaces! Be civilised !!!


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