No Copyright for Marx Engels Collected Works
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No Copyright for Marx Engels Collected Works

    1. Ammar Aziz
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      Ammar Aziz

      Lahore, Pakistan

It is immensely ironic that a private publishIng company is claiming the copyright of the collected works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the philosophers who wrote against the monopoly of capitalism and its origin, private property, all their lives. 

Marxists Internet Archieve is an internatioanl, public archieve which gives free access to a wide range of academic and historical writings about Marxism in multiple langauges. Lawrence & Wishart is a private publishing house in Britain which claims to hold the copyright of Marx Engels Collected Works. During the last several years, the Marx Engels Collected Works have been read by the millions of people on the Marxists Internet Archeive (MIA). However, now the private publishing company, Lawrence & Wishart - which loves to position itself as a 'radical company', claiming historical links with the Britain's Communist Party - has directed MIA to delete all texts originating from Marx Engels Collected Works (MECW). 

If this happens, MECW would not be accessible on the internet for free, from 30th April, 2014, and that would be a huge loss for the students and political activists who continue to utilize this free academic source.

You cannot privatize their writings -- they are the collective property of the people they wrote for. Privatization of Marx and Engels' writings is like getting a trademark for the words 'socialism' or 'communism'.

Say NO to the copyright law for the founders of scientific socialism. Let's protest against Lawrence & Wishart for this ironic monopoly. 

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    2. We're almost there!

      Ammar Aziz
      Petition Organizer

      In their recent brief statement, L&W admits: "We have been surprised at the recent online response to our efforts to consolidate distribution for the Collected Works of Marx Engels – though of course we are very pleased that so many people are so interested in the work. Because of the strength of feeling, we are considering what we can do to meet the desire for greater access, and will make a further statement when we have decided a course of action." []

      We are almost there comrades! We CAN do it! Let's continue to spread the petition in our circles. Let's protest until victory!

      In solidarity,

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    4. Socialist Worker writes about the issue

      Ammar Aziz
      Petition Organizer
      Taking Marx away

      THE MARXISTS Internet Archive is a vast and growing resource, run entirely by donated labor, and as poly-lingual as circumstances permit. (Do they have Trotsky in Tagalog? Indeed they do.)

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    6. With “Socialists” Like Lawrence and Wishart, Who Needs Capitalists?

      Ammar Aziz
      Petition Organizer
      Center for a Stateless Society " With "Socialists" Like Lawrence and Wishart, Who Needs Capitalists?

      In the latest example of a phenomenon as old as the state itself, Stan McCoy - formerly the US Trade Representative's chief "intellectual property" negotiator, who wrote ACTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership's IP chapter - was just given a cushy job at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

    7. MIA's response to L&W statement

      Ammar Aziz
      Petition Organizer
      Response to Lawrence & Wishart statement on MECW

      Response to Lawrence & Wishart statement on MECW April 26, 2014 We are intrigued by the Lawrence & Wishart statement on the Marx Engels Collected Works published on April 25, 2014 via their web site.

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    9. Lawrence & Wishart statement in response to our campaign

      Ammar Aziz
      Petition Organizer

      Lawrence & Wishart has issued an official statement on their website, calling our campaign an ''online abuse'': You can read the whole statement below but I'd like to bring your attention to this point they raise:

      "Ultimately, in asking L&W to surrender copyrights in this particular edition of the works of Marx & Engels, MIA and their supporters are asking that L&W, one of the few remaining independent radical publishers in the UK, should commit institutional suicide."

      Like they seriously think allowing the Archive to host the digital text of ME works would be a suicide for them? This reflects how much revenue are they going to generate by imposing this copyright regulation.

      Text of the whole statement:

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    Reasons for signing

    • Patrick Scott LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 days ago

      The works of Marx and Engels are the property of the class, not Lawrence and Wishart.

      • 3 days ago

      This book is in the public domain, isn't it ?

      • 15 days ago

      por la libertad

    • Verónica Danielsson MALMö, SWEDEN
      • 23 days ago

      Marxs and Engels literature should be free of charge

    • Julius Nilsson HELSINGBORG, SWEDEN
      • 24 days ago

      För att socialismens idéer ska vara tillgängliga för arbetarklassen


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