Allow Marx's and Engels's writings to remain in the public domain
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Allow Marx's and Engels's writings to remain in the public domain

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      Marxist scholars and activists around the world

We are very grateful for the work you have done, along with International Publishers and Progress Publishers, translating into English and publishing the MECW. This is an extremely valuable contribution to the workers movement and Marxist scholarship not only in the English-speaking world, but internationally.

MIA has made these works available for free on the web to an even wider public, and they have now become an essential tool for thousands of Marxist scholars and activists around the world.

We fully appreciate the efforts and difficulties that running a small independent publishing house entails. But allowing free access to the MECW on the MIA website does not hinder sales. On the contrary, the publicity it provides increases them, and we would support any attempt to further improve this aspect.

But over and above any commercial considerations, there is a crucial matter of principle at play here. Having been available freely online for ten years, the MECW have become an essential part of the shared knowledge and resources of the international workers movement. We cannot take a step backward.

This decision would only damage Lawrence and Wishart's reputation without bringing any significant economic advantage. 

That’s why we call upon you to reconsider this decision and reach an accommodation which keeps these essential resources in the public domain, where they belong.


Lawrence and Wishart, Lawrence & Wishart Publishers
Marxist Internet Archive
Allow the Marx-Engels Collected Works material to remain on the Marxist Internet Archive (MIA) website and in the public domain.

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      Dear all,

      I am writing to you with regard to the petition to Lawrence and Wishart to restore online access to the Marx-Engels Collected Works, which you were kind enough to sign. We are just short of 3,000 signatures. Unfortunately L&W have not acted on their initial promise to offer a compromise with our demands. So we need to continue the campaign. If each one of you persuades just one friend to sign the petition, then we will be on the way to 6,000 signatures. L&W will receive an update at 5,000 -- so this will continue to put pressure on them. Please keep on giving us your support!

      All the best,
      Lucia Pradella

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    Reasons for signing

    • Nasir Khan OSLO, UNITED STATES
      • 4 days ago

      I have been a student of Marx, Engles and Lenin for some 60 years! I understand how important it is for many scholars around the world to have free access to MECW. But I have all these volumes at home.

    • Luis Lazaro Tijerina BURLINGTON, VT
      • 9 days ago

      Marx and Engels's writings are the most important political and philosophical writings since the age of the philosophers and historians that came out of ancient Athens and Rome.They are ultimately the voice of the modern world in the masses throughout the world to achieve political and social liberation. Luis Lazaro Tijerina

      • about 1 month ago

      i don't know i want to know more

    • comrade karimpuzha PALAKKAD, INDIA
      • about 1 month ago


      • about 1 month ago

      In a world dominated by capitalist ideologies it is of the utmost importance that people have access to read and learn about alternatives.


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