Recognize Fibromyalgia as a disability
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Recognize Fibromyalgia as a disability

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      V H

      Chicago, IL

My name is Vashti Hurley. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia almost one year ago. I'm 37 years old and a single parent of a 16 year-old son. I had been receiving Social Security Disability due to chronic arthritis since 2007 and last year (2011) I was asked to go to Social Security's doctors for review. Despite their doctor diagnosing my illness as Fibromyalgia and my primary doctor confirming it 4 days later, I was denied benefits. I hand delivered my appeal form to my local SSA office within the time frame SSA requires and I had began to call the 800 number to follow up about 2 weeks after submission of my forms. I was continually given the run around from June to Oct. when I found out my appeal had been lost at my local office. I then had to complete the entire process of applying from the beginning. On April 6, 2012 I received a denial letter from SSA indicating I am able to pursue gainful employment when in fact I cannot. I am very disgusted at the way I have been treated and it certainly does not help my condition to be upset every time I received correspondence from SSA asking for more information as if the records they already have aren't sufficient enough to prove that I am legitimately ill. If you are not familiar with Fibromyalgia, here is a list of issues I encounter on a daily basis:

Pain: Shoulders, back (upper & lower), wrists, fingers, hands, knees, legs, ankles, feet, hips
Memory loss (also known as Fibro Fog)
Migraine headaches
Swelling (wrists, fingers, ankles and feet)
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Weak bladder
Restless leg syndrome
TMJ (Severe pain in the jaw which spreads from my ear to my neck)
Lack of concentration
Acid Reflux problems
And the list goes on.......................

I am a victim of discrimination by SSA because of my age and my educational background (I have 2 Masters degrees). I wish "the powers that be" at SSA could hear my story and realize that if I could work, I most DEFINITELY would work! Why would someone with such high accolades choose to basically chop their salary in half receiving SSA benefits if they aren't truly disable? Change is a MUST for the Fibromyalgia sufferers! We cannot go on being treated like we have committed a crime when trying to obtain benefits that we worked to build up just in case we ever became disabled. I beg you to please sign the petition it would help not only me but, your family and friends who are battling this debilitating condition. Thank you!

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    • Barbara Proehl EAST BETHEL, MN
      • over 1 year ago

      I was diagnosed about 8 years ago. I have been getting worse instead of better and I am on medications. I was told to find a job with afternoon hours or switch my hours if permitted. My work did grant a change of hours and I work only 2.75 hours a day in the school year. I come home exhausted and tired after work and can barely function. I don't wish this on anyone. My insurance runs out the end of this month June and I have been turned down multiple times from insurance companies. Cobra I have had for 18 months at $633 per month and hubby has no insurance because we can't afford insurance for both of us. I am hoping to get some help so we can both get insurance at a reasonable price thru the county or state. We are still waiting..

    • Jessica Fournier PALM BAY, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have fibromyalgia

    • janet lawson METAIRIE, LA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have friends with this. It is life altering.

    • Anne Ganem BANGOR, ME
      • almost 2 years ago

      I also have FMS and I have been denied by both SSD and Liberty Mutual for long term care. As a result of these denials I have lost everything.

    • Teri Cronin GREENE, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Fibromyalgia/ PMDD w/sever pain sufferer


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