LAUSD: Remove Principal Cindy Miller from Van Deene Elementary School
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LAUSD: Remove Principal Cindy Miller from Van Deene Elementary School

    1. Jasmin Ulrich
    2. Petition by

      Jasmin Ulrich

      Torrance, CA

July 2013


Jasmin Ulrich: Thanks to everyone who helped get our voices heard by signing our petition!

On December 14, 2010 the LAUSD Board of Education adopted the Parents As Equal Partners in the Education of their Children resolution. The resolution seeks to expand and deepen parent engagement throughout the District. The resolution specifically called for the creation of the first ever Parents' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities to assist parents and schools in forming stronger partnerships to support student achievement

However, despite the implementation of this resolution several years ago, Principal Cindy Miller of Van Deene Elementary has directly violated the LAUSD Parents' Bill Of Rights And Responsibilities by creating a hostile school community and dissolving the PTA. When this Bill is supposed to promote productive conversation and collaboration between parents and school as well as reflect mutual respect and support for each other. In addition, she has also denied parents the rights guaranteed in this Bill.  Including, the right to a welcoming environment that values family assets and contributions to learning and the right to visit their child’s classroom and develop partnerships with teachers and staff.  Furthermore, she has put our children at risk twice, first by failing to inform parents in a timely manner about a Teacher who was under investigation for misconduct and on another occasion in which a suspicious package was found and she failed to inform parents about the ensuing school lockdown.  Most significantly, she has also mismanaged funds that our children are in so much need of, as well as participating in other fraudulent activities.

Overall, Cindy Miller has proven on numerous occasions that she is unfit to perform the position that she has been assigned and is paid to do. We need a strong leader, who will not only keep our children safe but that can also bring better programs to our school and who will work with parents, students, staff and community members to restore Van Deene Elementary in Torrance, California back to the respectable school it once was. The Parents of this community will no longer stand for the lack of safety, communication, mismanagement of funds, nor this principle's attempt to cover-up how she is really running this school. Please help us to stop L.A.U.S.D. from ignoring our pleas and to remove Principle Cindy Miller, in order to protect our Children and Community!

Please help us remove Principle Cindy Miller from Van Deene Elementary School


Parents as Equal Partners in the Education of Their Children, a resolution adopted by the Board of Education in December 2010, embraces family strengths and assets as essential to the academic success of students, and recognizes parents as the first and most important lifelong teachers of their children. To that end, families and schools accept responsibility for student success and commit to a partnership that:

  • Maintains high expectations for student achievement
  • Ensures all children are college and career ready
  • Promotes productive conversation and collaboration
  • Reflects mutual respect and support for each other



  • A free, quality education that honors their child’s learning and achievement
  • An education that prepares their child for college and 21st century careers
  • A welcoming environment that values family assets and contributions to learning
  • Know the school’s expectations, educational programs, policies and procedures
  • Translation services in order to communicate effectively with school staff
  • Their school’s Report Card to assess the quality of their child’s school
  • Information about their child’s progress and performance, intervention strategies and learning supports
  • Visit their child’s classroom and develop partnerships with teachers and staff
  • Learning opportunities so they can support education at home and at school
  • File a formal complaint when necessary, without fear of reprisal



  • Promote literacy, high achievement, and a love of learning at home
  • Ensure their child attends school every day, on time, and is ready to learn
  • Monitor and guide their child’s academic progress to ensure success
  • Seek tutoring and other learning supports for their child when needed
  • Explore all campus options and school choices available to their child
  • Conference with teachers and other school staff about their child’s education
  • Participate in school meetings and activities to be informed about the school
  • Express their level of satisfaction through the annual School Experience Survey
  • Provide pertinent information about their child as requested by the school
  • Advocate for their child’s education and for the school’s well-being



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    • Lupe Flores TORRANCE, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I am tired of my niece coming home crying because of the principal going into her classroom and yelling at the kids and teacher for things they did not do. Also making the kids miss out on recess because their made to wipe up the lunch area floors with bare hands and empty out trash cans too. These are health hazards that need to be done by a properly trained and equipped janitor. No PTA Allowed, really?

    • Kevin Ryu NEW CITY, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      Albert Einstein once said that "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” I hope these students can get the full learning experience that every child deserves without external forces that can hinder it.

    • Carlos Padilla GARDENA, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      My nephew goes to this school. He told me that on valentines day the princal yelled at the class and teacher for having a valentines exchange. He was so traumatized. Geeez it was only valentines day

    • Steve Ybarra TORRANCE, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Concern for the welfare of the community.

    • Carlos Padilla GARDENA, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      I know someone who works there and the stress and anxiety that my friend experiences is unbearable. My friend feels unsafe working at van deene but my friend is there for the kids. Isn,t that what we are supposed to be focused. Too much drama at van deene. Too much staff division low morale.


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