Label Genetically Modified (GMO) Food Products
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Label Genetically Modified (GMO) Food Products

    1. susan brannon
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      susan brannon

      Firenze, Italy

Genetically Modified (GM) seeds have been introduced into the world from the early 1990’s. Research in animals has shown to produce, increased liver function, increased aggression, infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system and possible increase of suicides in Indian farmers. (200,000 suicides in recent years)

The seeds are mainly soybean, corn, canola, and cotton. The seed was developed to increase food production, lower production costs and lower the amount of pests that destroy the crops.The process is the insertion, deletion or transfer of genes. They add a genetic material into an organism.

Monsanto is the company located in Missouri, that develops and patients the GM seeds.  In 2007, Monsanto’s seeds were planted on 246 million acres (1,000,000kn2) throughout the world.Monsanto developed “triple-stack corn” that contains Roundup Ready 2 weed control technology with YieldGard Corn Borer and YieldGard Rootworm insect control and tops the market in the U.S.

The forecast is by 2014 they will plant 56 million acres in the US. The concept of growing our food injected with pesticides, that are eaten by cows, pigs, pets and humans does not make any sense.  We all know that what we eat absorbs into our bodies.  Many of the products on the grocery store shelves contain some type of corn by-product for example.

Clark is a doctor in BioTechnology, reports that this lesson is in one of the first courses in BioTech: "We now know that when you insert a gene - when you randomly throw this thing in there, they don't know ahead of time where it's going to land," says Clark. "The researchers don't know how many copies will be inserted, or what other genes it will affect, or will affect it."

A Few of the Known Effects from Previous Studies:

1)  In 2009, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) stated that, "Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with genetically modified (GM) food," including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system. The AAEM has asked physicians to advise all patients to avoid GM foods.

2)  Eyewitness reports: Animals avoid GMOs
a. When given a choice, several animals avoided eating GM food.
b. In farmer-run tests, cows and pigs repeatedly passed up GM corn.
c. Animals that avoided GM food include cows, pigs, geese, squirrels, elk, deer, raccoons, mice and rats.

3)  The only published experiment with human feeding is using GM soy which revealed that the genetic material inserted transfers into bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function.  (Netherwood et al, “Assessing the survival of transgenic plant DNA in the human gastrointestinal tract,” Nature Biotechnology 22 (2004): 2.) This means that long after we stop eating GM foods, we may still have the GM proteins continually inside of us.

4) Feeding trials of 12 female rats ate Roundup Ready soy showed liver problems that are commonly associated with higher liver function.  The livers worked harder to detoxify the effects of the GM soy, compared to the rats who were fed non-GM soy.  (I.V. Ermakova, “Diet with the Soya Modified by Gene EPSPS CP4 Leads to Anxiety and Aggression in Rats,” 14th European Congress of Psychiatry. Nice, France, March 4-8, 2006)

5)  Mice were fed Roundup Ready soy, experienced reduced activity of their testicular cells, the results could have serious implication on human fertility. (L. Vecchio et al, “Ultrastructural Analysis of Testes from Mice Fed on Genetically Modified Soybean,” European Journal of Histochemistry 48, no. 4 (Oct–Dec 2004):449–454.)

This is not all, Monsanto regulates their seeds and makes it illegal to re-use the seeds and the poor farmers, must purchase the seeds each season from Monsanto at increasing prices creating suicides and poverty among the farmers.  The seeds blow in the the wind and contaminate the non GM crops. This creates dependency to Monsanto and our entire food system. For more information see: Our Food System and GM seed Studies and The Story About GM Seeds

This is important, Please sign this petition to demand the labeling of products that contain GM ingredients.  Give us a choice of what we want to eat for our health!

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    1. Please read the article and view the video

      susan brannon
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    3. Wait, Did the USDA just deregulate a GMO crops???

      susan brannon
      Petition Organizer

      The new regime laid out in the bluegrass announcement would “drastically weaken USDA’s regulation” of genetically modified crops. This situation is kind of complicated, legally but read more here...please and pass this around!

    4. Codex Alimentarius adopts labeling of genetically modified foods!

      susan brannon
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      This is a Global issue, so we still need signatures! I started a Facebook event for 100 more signatures by next week!

    5. As you see we now have over 200 Signatures! Woopie!

      susan brannon
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      Thanks all, for helping to spread the word! Keep doing it, every where that you can imagine possible. Find websites to post links, post on forums, post in blogs,
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    6. Guys Don't forget about this important issue!

      susan brannon
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      We still have a bit to go, so please pass this around, print fliers, leave them around, drop them off at the health food stores!

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    Reasons for signing

      • about 3 years ago

      GM foods are doing something to our bodies and our children. Obesity, Allergies, illnesses are all coming from somewhere at rapid rates and I think there is a connection.

    • Paul Roberts ST PETERSBURG, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      we need to inform the public about this!

    • Nancy Davis MCKINNEY, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      I want NO GMO!!!! And, if i cannot get that, I want foods labeled for GMO content so I can avoid them.

    • Ashley Brooks TARZANA, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      My husband is a lawyer. I am a registered nurse. Both of us became very ill. My husband had colon cancer followed by crippling illness landing in a wheelchair. To make matters worse, he became a Vioux victim/ heart attack. I had third stage organ failure with enlarged liver, spleen, kidney and pancreas. My symptoms were identical to what was found in the independent GMO rat studies. 6000 plus research articles and books later - the conclusions is -- there is no doubt of what made us both ill.

      The statistics on cancer and other diseases since the introduction of GMO has increased dramatically. The stats speak for themselves.

      GMO food is toxic! Anyone who can read independent studies knows this. Shame on the US government for finding lobby money more important than human life, future generations and our environment. They need to get out of the lobby “mine” field and talk to the people.

      Our award winning books can be found at and bi-weekly live Pod-cast at Surviving the 21st Century. Truth in labeling is a must - not just for GMO - but the whole truth of what is in our

      food. No labeling is like saying, "Let Them Eat (GMO) Cake."

    • Alix Reinhardt CLEVELAND, OH
      • over 3 years ago

      I am extremely disappointed and infuriated by the Obama administration's recent approvals of GMO foods. I have been a huge supporter of President Obama and cannot believe that this could be allowed to happen in this country. It brings tears to my eyes to see that The United States of America is blazing a pathway that is severely damaging this planet and the health of it's people. Please stop this unimaginable violation by no longer allowing GMO foods! Unfortunately, I realize that much of the damage done by major power hungry biotech corporations has already been sadly allowed. I urge you to please do all in your power to protect the future of this country and our health by following in the footsteps of so many other countries that have chosen wisely to ban GMOs and have demanded at least the labeling of the already existing GMO foods.


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