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Reject the "Master Plan"

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Dear BOCC:

The Comprehensive Plan was exactly what it was intended to be:

"a policy document that describes what the county residents want the community to be in the future. It serves as the foundation for decisions about community services and land use."

It has been replaced by a document that apparently will reflect only the will of your (not our) appointed Planning Commissioners, not the needs and wants of the county residents. The chapters on Community Visioning, Sustainable Development, Natural Resources are slated for deletion. Support for key moral values we support in this community have been deemed unnecessary or irrrelevant, including support for multi-modal transportation, affordable housing, health care for our disadvantaged citizens and seniors, healthy living, and local food. Maps that detail flood plain and wildfire hazards, riparian zones and wildlife corridors have been similarly dismissed. The document is a sham. The economic vitality of the county depends on protecting and furthering these community values. 

We, the undersigned, reject this revised Comprehensive Plan, which has been so edited that it is now called a "Master Plan" instead.  It does not reflect the community we want for our future. It reflects only the views of one extreme political fringe, a group that believes that the Board of County Commissioners is somehow indebted to its members. Based on census data, this county is projected to grow to more than 88,000 people by 2035. Planning is needed for this county to thrive as we grow. A good plan should accounts for our natural and developed resources, our watersheds, our economy and potential, and all the populations using this space.

You voted to use our taxpayer money to pay for a $300,000++ public process. We participated in that process in good faith. Then your radical Planning Commissioners threw it all out.  We ask that you join us in unanimous rejection of this Master Plan as presented by the Planning Commissioners: It should not be used to inform development of the new Land Use Code.

The Plan is not our plan. It does not reflect the thousands of hours or true values that La Plata's citizens have put into the process. Your Planning Commissioners do not equally or fully represent us, your taxpayers.

Do you?

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      • almost 3 years ago

      Because we only have one earth. Please also take a look at the petition I've created regarding human trafficking, and also sign it if it speaks to you ! :) http://www.change.org/petitions/you-buy-products-to-help-end-human-trafficking

      • almost 3 years ago

      It's unfair for appointees to undo the work of months of community involvement. I want the original.

    • Caye Geer DURANGO, CO
      • almost 3 years ago

      Along with hundreds of other citizens, I participated in developing the broader Comprehensive Plan, never dreaming that it would be summarily and drastically reduced to a shadow of itself--the "Master Plan."

      Dealing with and adding on some of the values based points "at some time in the future" would not adequately address our planning needs and would be too little and too late.

    • Don Gordon DURANGO, CO
      • almost 3 years ago

      The changes are unacceptable. Please reject the new right wing rag

    • Bliss Bruen DURANGO, CO
      • almost 3 years ago

      I an a county resident who participated in the process from the beginning. I am saddened and super distressed to see the long hours and hard work of many individuals dismissed - many people came together over the past two years and finally produced agreement on measures that would protect our grandchildren's future - measure now discarded wholesale by the current Planning Commission.(How could they throw out the whole Sustainability Chapter? I really want to understand - is it their vague fears of a UN takeover?) I am also distressed to see the BOCC majority seemingly yielding to a small group of very vocal, angry individuals who sadly must be really ignorant of the level of environmental challenges that will face us and our children in the near future - and much of the rest of the planet today! I am not hearing any indication from the Planning Commissioners that they recognize environmental concerns - and wonder how many are willing to push aside climate science to elevated private property rights at all costs. The worst part of the debacle now unfolding is that I believe most of the county's residents would be in agreement on most of the sustainability elements that were included in the draft, if we had decent ways to sit meet face to face over a cup of coffee at a kitchen table. It looks to me as if a few angry people are totally carried away with what they see as new found power to influence government. I can only imagine how that small outspoken group is representing the document as drafted to people who lacked the time to participate and now lack time to digest the many thoughtfully written pages that have been thrown out. It's probably too late for a "time out" and I hear we may have to limp along with a "Master Plan" so diluted as to be meaningless in the face of future challenges. I would be embarrassed and appalled to call this my home if I didn't see this as a hijacking by a few who are able to manipulate well meaning people by misrepresenting information about the ways in which the original document addressed real human and environment values and challenges. For anyone paying attention to data coming in from around the planet, the stakes are so high - and now the response of La Plata County looks like no response at all. Sadly, similar hijacking is taking place all the way into the Congress by people who'd rather stamp their feet and say NO than sit down and do the hard work of addressing complex complicated problems and then figuring out how we change our lifestyles as an inspiration to the growing billions who wish to emulate us.

      In 2005-07, I was on the steering committee for the Grassroots Vision Project, later La Plata 2030, that used an "appreciative inquiry" process to get people to focus on the values they agreed upon - and thus it had less angst that this one showed from the beginning. In 2007, the city of Durango embraced the results and in its Comprehensive Plan rewrote its vision to include sustainability as a goal. This time around, I attended some of the forums and some of the meetings of the County's "working group" and one all day workshop with individuals who now claim they were "shut down" but they were not; they were listened to with respect and got to enter their thoughts into the process. They made some valid points, but they weren't the only points or perspectives expressed. It's tough work coming to consensus and discerning differences, but much of the anti-comp plan rhetoric now seems just blatantly ignorant vitriol - there is no willingness to discuss - only to dismiss. Thus, my argument is with the elected BOCC for idly standing by watching work go down the drain - seeming willing to defer to a planning commission for whom either climate change and potential drought, population impacts, etc. are of no concern when balanced against the rights of land owners to do whatever they want without regard for others, or for whom the time required to critically evaluate environmental concerns for water, land, food production and species preservation has been lacking (which is it? maybe both?) The BOCC could reclaim some leadership by insisting that their hand picked planning commissioners articulate the arguments they're using to reject such huge portions of the draft that resulted from the formal citizen process. The BOCC should remember that they are elected to serve all the residents of the county - not just private property rights advocates who scream the loudest - and especially to act with conscience on behalf of real children living here today. It is their future that will be most impacted by an eviscerated document known as "The Master Plan" because it bears so little relation to the Comp Plan. With all notions of sustainability removed, how will it serve to guide our land use over the next critical decade? How idiotic and backwards can we be at this stage of the game! Surely the commissioners must be embarrassed - but not yet enough to display the leadership needed to articulate concern for what's being tossed out with the bath water.


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