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Think Globally, Program Locally

    1. Steven Sheffield
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      Steven Sheffield

      Holladay, UT

KRCL 90.9 FM in Salt Lake City has recently changed their programming, trimming the morning and midday slots to open up a two hour block during morning drive time from 6:00-8:00 am. In that time slot, KRCL is now programming a syndicated show from NPR called World Cafe, and has begun to homogenize the rest of their daytime programming.

If a community radio station which is reliant on local donations to survive is going to program syndicated shows, those shows should be unique and important … airing content that is otherwise NOT being represented by local programmers.

For example, KRCL airs the syndicated show Democracy Now, because as a news show, it covers many important topics that generally aren’t covered via other media outlets, especially in Utah, and definitely aren’t covered by the local production teams.

World Cafe offers nothing different or better than the normal daytime programming from Jamie Gadette, Ebay Jamil Hamilton, and Bad Brad Wheeler, except a host who talks more, plays less music in general, and what music he does play is more commercial-oriented content often heard on commercial stations.

Spending money on syndicated content that is distinguishable from locally produced content only by its mediocrity is a waste of donations, whether those donations come from local individuals or local businesses. When I give money to a community organization, I want my donation dollars to stay *IN* the local community.

In addition, the daytime DJs are being driven to play more commercially "acceptable" music. Afternoon drive time is the station's most popular time slot. Much of this is due to the eclectic musical tastes of "Bad" Brad Wheeler who plays a unique mix of classic rock & blues, gypsy rock, rootsy modern rock, alt-country & Americana.

Needless to say, Brad's show has long been the most popular, and the biggest money-raiser for the station during the semi-annual fundraising radiothons.

In the past few weeks, the afternoon drive time playlists have become almost indistinguishable from those in the syndicated World Cafe show that is being broadcast during the morning drive time slot from 6:00-8:00 am.

These changes are being driven by new General Manager Vicki Mann, formerly of commercial radio juggernaut Clear Channel Communications, who was brought into the station in March, in the midst of KRCL's most successful fundraising radiothon ever. In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune on March 22, 2012, Ms. Mann stated that she can be a "stabilizing force" who can "steer this station in the right direction."

Steering the station towards mediocrity and homogeneity is decidedly NOT the right direction. That's what commercial radio is for. Community radio is for the freaks and the geeks; for the music lovers who rely on their local radio station to discover new music that they can't hear anywhere else. Community radio is the alternative to commercial radio; it shouldn't strive to become commercial radio.

If KRCL is going to start programming more syndicated content, then the station should be giving us content that can’t be can’t be found anywhere else; shows which cover important topics and/or demographics but which aren’t being represented by local programmers.

KRCL should not be wasting our donations on homogenous and mediocre syndicated content, and should not be forcing the local programmers who make the station unique conform to an outsider's idea of what local listeners want.

Let KRCL know that we want our radio station back. We want eclectic and unique local programming. We want our DJs to have the freedom of musical choice, and we will vote with our donation dollars if we like what we're hearing.

KRCL's slogan has long been "All the radio you need". We need our old KRCL back.

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    2. KRCL's reaction to dissension from the people who pay the bills.

      Steven Sheffield
      Petition Organizer

      I was blocked from posting to KRCL’s Facebook wall, and all of my previous posts (including the link to the KRCL petition on Change.org) have been deleted.

      I can’t believe that KRCL’s response to dissension from their listeners who are fighting to save KRCL by engaging other listeners on Facebook is to block them and to delete all old posts and comments.

      Real classy, KRCL.

      That’s the kind of reaction I would expect from a commercial organization that expects everyone to just fall in line, like Clear Channel or the Deseret News, not from KRCL. Last time I checked, by paying my membership donations over the past several years, I was also paying for the right to voice my opinion and to encourage other paying members to do the same.

      At this point, I must call for Vicki Mann and Ebay Jamil Hamilton to resign their positions at KRCL, and if they won’t resign, then I call for the Board of Directors to terminate their employment. We expect more from KRCL, but we are getting less.

    3. GAVIN'S UNDERGROUND In The Loop: 6/2/12. Showing Your Colors Proudly

      Steven Sheffield
      Petition Organizer

      Getting coverage in City Weekly ... wonder if the Tribune will pick up the story. Wonder if anyone will comment publicly other than via form letter?

      Keep letting KRCL know: WE WANT OUR RADIO STATION BACK!

    4. Open Letter from Vicki Mann at KRCL

      Steven Sheffield
      Petition Organizer

      Are we getting what we want? Not yet ... but we're getting a response, and things may be getting better.

      Click the link, read Vicki's letter, and feel free to respond.

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    6. Response from Amy Dwyer at KRCL regarding format changes

      Steven Sheffield
      Petition Organizer

      While KRCL isn't doing anything about the format changes yet, their willingness to at least engage in dialogue is encouraging. Please read the blog post linked below at http://www.flahute.com/2012/05/30/more-on-krcl-format-changes/, and feel free to comment pro or con, to either Amy's message to me, or on my response to Amy.

      Please also feel free to let the station know directly what you think via any of the contact methods mentioned in Amy's message.

      Remember, KRCL is our community radio station, which means that its success does rely on our community; not only our financial support, but our input about what works and what doesn't work.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Sean Peckham SLC, UT
      • over 2 years ago

      Because I agree with this excellent petition. I hate the commercial radio stations and can't handle NPR overdoses; KRCL is often my only option, but I'll listen to KRCL less and be less likely to donate if it becomes more mainstream. If bringing in corporate shills is what they're going to spend people's donations on, then people shouldn't donate.

      • over 2 years ago

      For the third time in the last week or two, I've turned off my radio in disgust while tuned to KRCL. They are playing music that I've NEVER heard on 90.9 before (yesterday's offensive selection was U2. U2 KRCL?! Seriously?!) This used to me MY radio station, one that I felt supported my listening habits and one that I felt comfortable supporting. But that is the case no longer. If you're going for more mainstream, KRCL - so you can gain more listeners and thus make more money - then more power to you. Join the soulless group of stations that pander to the masses. I will not be among the listeners.

    • susan delaney OGDEN, UT
      • over 2 years ago

      OMG ! I listen to KRCL because it's different ! not homogenized mainstream radio..we do not need another mainstream radio station

    • Breanne Berg SALT LAKE CITY, UT
      • over 2 years ago

      I am a KRCL member and have also been disappointed on how much more homogenized the music has become. I am a huge supporter of local radio programming and love the variety that different local DJs bring to the mix. KRCL was my primary music listening until recently. Now I am listening to satellite more since there are no commercials and KRCL no longer local anyways.

      • over 2 years ago

      I completely agree with everything Steven wrote!

      Since World Cafe began, I’ve stopped listening early in the morning and now typically listen to songs on my iPod--songs I first heard on Jamie, Brad and Ebay's shows.

      This morning, I tuned in to Jamie's show and was surprised to hear U2 and then Sting almost immediately after. And although I do appreciate U2 and Sting, it made me cringe a little to hear them played on KRCL.

      Please go back to your previous programming and stop messing with perfection!!


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