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Kraft: Stop Using Dangerous Food Dyes in Our Mac & Cheese

    1. Vani Hari
    2. Petition by

      Vani Hari

      Charlotte, NC

Hi there, this is Vani Hari from Food Babe. I recently discovered that several American products are using harmful additives that are not used – and in some cases banned – in other countries. One of those products is an iconic staple that almost every American, us included, has had at one time or another: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in the US contains the artificial food dyes Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. These unnecessary – yet potentially harmful - dyes are not in Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in other countries, including the UK, because they were removed due to consumer outcry. Kraft reformulated their product for the UK, but not for their fellow American citizens.

It’s time we demand the same here in the US!

Note: Yellow 5 (labeled asTartrazine) is also used in these products in Canada, and I'm sure they don't want to have it in their food either!

That's why I'm petitioning Kraft to remove all dangerous artificial food dyes
 from their line of macaroni and cheese.

Here are the reasons I'm asking Kraft to remove Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 from their Macaroni and Cheese.

Artificial food dyes...

- Are man-made in a lab with chemicals derived from petroleum (a crude oil product, which also happens to be used in gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt, and tar).

- Require a warning label in other countries outside the US.

- Have been banned in countries like Norway and Austria (and are being phased out in the UK).

- Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 are contaminated with known carcinogens (a.k.a. an agent directly involved in causing cancer).

- Cause an increase in hyperactivity in children.

- Have a negative impact on children’s ability to learn.

- Have been linked to long-term health problems such as asthma, skin rashes, and migraines.

- Add absolutely no nutritional value to the foods we are eating and are solely used for aesthetic purposes only.

To prove this last point I personally tested both the US and UK versions of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and found virtually no difference in color or taste (see the video above).

I grew up eating this product, and it’s available at almost every grocery store across the country.

Everyone deserves the same safer version that our friends get overseas! 

Kraft Foods is the largest food company headquartered in the United States. If Kraft changes their Macaroni and Cheese, I know this could inspire other food companies across the US to finally eliminate dangerous artificial food dyes once and for all.

Join me now and sign this petition.  Together we can make a difference. 

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    1. Breaking News! Kraft Removes Artificial Food Dye in 3 Kids Products

      Vani Hari
      Petition Organizer
      Why This Family Will Never Make This Popular Staple Ever Again

      This is a very special episode of Food Babe TV. I receive thousands of letters, emails and comments asking for help everyday. Watch as I visit a busy family in need of a major pantry makeover and show them how to remake their favorite go to dinner without harmful ingredients.

    2. Inside Story On My Visit To Kraft's Headquarters

      Vani Hari
      Petition Organizer
      The Inside Story On My Visit To Kraft Headquarters

      When I boarded the plane in North Carolina to go to Chicago just a few days ago to deliver over 270,000 petitions to Kraft headquarters, I wasn't sure what was going to happen.

    3. Reached 300,000 signatures
    4. The Warning Label Placed On US Version of Mac & Cheese Imported into UK

      Vani Hari
      Petition Organizer
      Illegal GMO Wheat in Kraft Mac & Cheese?

      5/31/2013 Update: In this video filmed on 5/31/2013, Flo who is a Food Babe reader, visited Tesco Extra in Ponders End, Enfield, North London to demonstrate there are boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that are imported into the United Kingdom from the United States that require these special warning labels to alert consumers of potentially harmful ingredients that Kraft is using in their products.

    5. Kraft Petition Delivery - Listen to What Happened

      Vani Hari
      Petition Organizer
      Kraft Petition Delivery - Listen To What Happened

      When I landed yesterday back in Charlotte, I got slammed by reporter requests to talk about the petition delivery and the meeting with Kraft. I am taking all of the requests because it incredibly important to keep getting this message out there. However, these interviews take up a serious amount of time and energy.

    6. Kraft Continues to Ignore 270,000 + People - Our Newest Response

      Vani Hari
      Petition Organizer
      Kraft Acknowledged Petition But Didn't Address Concerns of Over a Quarter Million People

      For the first time in the more than 2 weeks since we launched our petition asking Kraft to remove artificial dyes from their line of macaroni and cheese, Kraft has finally acknowledged our petition and the more than 270,000 who have signed it.

    7. Our Response to Kraft’s Letter: It’s Time To Surrender Your Artificial Dyes

      Vani Hari
      Petition Organizer

      Our Response to Kraft's Letter: It's Time To Surrender Your Artificial Dyes

      Today I am appearing on the Dr. Oz Show with Lisa from 100daysofRealFood - be sure to tune in! It's been a little over one week since we started a petition to remove artificial food dyes from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

    8. Reached 200,000 signatures
    9. Vani and Lisa's Response Back to Kraft 3/6

      Vani Hari
      Petition Organizer

      We commend Kraft for responding to our petition, but they are missing the bigger issue. Approximately 30 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese products still have dangerous artificial dyes and this is unfair to the children lured by these products (several packages showcase cartoon characters), unfair to the less fortunate who buy these products because they are cheaper, and unfair to the uneducated consumer that is unaware of these harmful ingredients.

      If Kraft’s “safety and quality" of their products is their “highest priority” and they “take consumer concerns very seriously,” then why have they continued to use a questionable ingredient that requires a warning label in Europe? Don’t they have a responsibility to be proactive and do the right thing for their own country's citizens?

      Kraft removed artificial dyes in their U.K. product due to the public’s perception of health risks and consequences – they are an American Company – still selling this product to us, but not to others.

    10. Response from Kraft on Wednesday 3/6

      Vani Hari
      Petition Organizer

      Hi Lisa and Vani,

      Thanks for contacting us. The safety and quality of our products is our highest priority and we take consumer concerns very seriously. We carefully follow the laws and regulations in the countries where our products are sold. So in the U.S., we only use colors that are approved and deemed safe for food use by the Food and Drug Administration.

      We expanded our line of KRAFT Mac & Cheese (KMC) offerings. We know some people prefer foods without certain ingredients -- we now offer a multitude of products without added colors, as well as products with natural food colors including [14 different products].

      We appreciate the opportunity to share this information with you.

      Lynne Galia
      Kraft Foods Corporate Affairs

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    12. The Article That Inspired Us To Act - How Food Companies Exploit Americans

      Vani Hari
      Petition Organizer
      How Food Companies Exploit Americans - 100 Days of Real Food

      Vani Hari (a.k.a. The Food Babe) is a regular contributor on 100 Days of Real Food. To learn more about Vani check her out on "Our Team" page. Thoughts of outrage, unfairness, disbelief, and ultimately grief consumed me while I was doing this investigation.

    13. Reached 17,500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • about 9 hours ago

      It's important to me because I like the product but don't want those ingredients in my food.

    • julie armstrong MONROE, NY
      • about 22 hours ago

      You are what you eat, and were eating shit.

    • Celine Coyle VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 1 day ago

      I don't want to eat dye

    • Kristen Hausmann PHOENIX, AZ
      • 3 days ago

      It is only fair to the people who enjoy the product, the people who provide to you your paycheck.

    • Katelyn Karch BELGRADE, MT
      • 3 days ago

      I'm signing because I do not want this in my food, it isn't safe for anyone, especially not my future children. We deserve foods that won't cause these terrible side effects. The fact that this company makes the same product without these dyes across seas seems so strange. Just bring it over here!


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