Investigate the Death of Theo & Charge the Owner with Animal Cruelty!
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Investigate the Death of Theo & Charge the Owner with Animal Cruelty!

    1. Nancy Grier
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      Nancy Grier

      St. Augustine, FL

Investigate the Failures by Knox County Animal Control that Led to the Death of Theo the Dog, Retrain Your Employees to Ensure that Animal Cruelty Laws Are Always Enforced, and Charge the Owners with Animal Cruelty!

Theo's concerned neighbors tried to seek help from Knox County Animal Control when they noticed he was tethered in 100+ degree heat with no water. All calls for help were denied.  Meanwhile, Theo's owners lounged in their pool mere feet from where this poor dog slowly languished.  On July 3, Theo died.

Knox County Animal Control failed to perform their required duties under Knox County Ordinance which reads:

"Sec. 6-44. Animal care and manner of keeping.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person keeping an animal to fail to provide for that
(1) Clean, sanitary, and humane conditions;
(2) Sufficient quantities of food and clean fresh water daily;
(3) Proper air ventilation and circulation;
(4) Sufficient shelter and protection from the elements and environment;
(5) Medical attention and/or necessary veterinary care when it is sick, diseased or injured;


Sec. 6-47. Violations; civil infractions; civil penalties.
(a) Any violation of this article is a civil infraction.
(b) Any person who has committed an act in violation of this article may receive a
citation from the animal control division by an animal control officer or law enforcement officer who has probable cause to believe that the person has committed a civil infraction in violation of this article.
(d) Any violation of this article may be punishable by a civil penalty of not less than
$50.00 nor shall be more than $500.00. Each day that any section of this article is
violated shall constitute a separate punishable offense."

Due to the failure of Animal Control to remove Theo from his owner's back yard pursuant to these animal cruelty prevention laws, Theo died a slow and agonizing death. WE WANT THE OWNERS CHARGED WITH ANIMAL CRUELTY AND WE WANT THE KNOX COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL EMPLOYEES AND PHONE HANDLERS RETRAINED TO ENSURE THE LAWS ARE ENFORCED IN THE FUTURE!  Please sign this petition to pledge your support for Theo, and tell the Knox County government that their failure to do their job has not gone unnoticed. Every life is precious and it is a blight on the face of society when good people call on their leaders to enforce our community laws only to be ignored until it's too late! Please sign this petition in memory of Theo, and to prevent other similar cases of negligence by Knox County Animal Control.

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    2. Decision-maker Karen Pappas responds:

      Karen Pappas

      Petition signers should get your facts straight; you have been slandering our department with allegations of neglect without checking into the story! This occurred in Knox County and was under Knox County Animal Control jurisdiction; NOT...

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    4. Decision-maker Karen Pappas responds:

      Karen Pappas

      what is the address this occurred at? city or county?

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    Reasons for signing

      • about 2 years ago

      Poor Theo. This poor dog was let down by his owner and the Knoxville Animal Control. Both should get punished this is just pure cruelty and neglete. RIP dear Theo, the humans that care will try and stop this happening again.

    • Cindy Olweiler ANNVILLE, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      This is just too sad........simple humanity shown toward this poor soul would have saved his life. RIP, Theo.....

    • Michael Fortson KNOXVILLE,, TN
      • about 2 years ago

      People that are cruel to animals will be cruel to humans.

    • Rose Daversa NEWBURGH, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      I am horrified by such a disregard for a life that this person/owner so callously tortured to death. Why would the neighbors not go and physically help this dog in obvious durress!! I would never be afraid to help an animal suffering no matter what may happen to me! So many people could have saved this dog. What is happening in this world when people stand by and allow such a horror to happen.I would have been arrested if neccessary to steal and save that dogs life. The animal control failed to do their job, but the owner and neighbors also could have helped Theo. This woman needs to be put in prison with no food or water!

      • about 2 years ago

      "Retraining" is not even an option. FIRE THEM and PROSECUTE!!!!!This behavior has been present for far longer than it should be. -0- TOLERANCE for the offenders! PROSECUTE this as the CRIME that it is!!! I am sick to death of the laziness and pure STUPIDITY of these folks! HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! MAKE AN EXAMPLE... DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!


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