KILLER INSTINCT by Developer Double-Helix: Bring Back Blood, Ultimate Finishers and Stage Finishers
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Killer Instinct
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Killer Instinct
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KILLER INSTINCT by Developer Double-Helix: Bring Back Blood, Ultimate Finishers and Stage Finishers

    1. Christopher Hodge
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      Christopher Hodge

      LAUREL, MD

KILLER INSTINCT has returned from the dead for Xbox One but several important component may be missing Blood,Ultimate Finishers and Stage Finishers. Fans of Killer Instinct want this as it was part of what made this game special. KILLER INSTINCT without Blood, Ultimate Finishers and Stage Finishers is like Mortal Kombat without fatalities it just wouldnt work.

Currently  Double-Helix Commented that

No Mercy's and Ultimate Combo's are currently not planned for the game as the they believe "they aren't necessary". This can change, however, if the fan community pushes for them to be included. They said if the public wants it they will make a effort to add it.

Feedback: doublehelixgames, Killer Instinct
Business Development: doublehelixgames, Killer Instinct
Bring Back Blood, Ultimate Finishers and Stage Finishers

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    • rafael lunte GERMANY
      • 5 months ago

      Für volle unterstützung, das die gewünschten Änderungen vorgenommen werden.

    • Thomas Lülff GERMANY
      • 5 months ago

      Die Freude über die laaaaangersehnte Fortsetzung des BESTEN Beat´em ups aller zeiten war unübertroffen groß! Jedoch ist das Game ohne Endmoves und Ultimates nur ein HALBES Killer Instinct!!! Wie ich sehe bin ich mit dieser Meinung nicht der einzige! ;) Please!: Bring back Blood, Ultimate Finishers and Stage Finishers!!!

    • Louis Johnson NASSAU, BAHAMAS
      • 6 months ago

      Because it's the way KI has always been. These moves are a part of what made KI the favorite that it is.

    • Dylan Savage GRINNELL, IA
      • 6 months ago

      I played this game all the time as a kid and when i finally did a no mercy at 5 am and woke my friend it was on and thats how i remember killer instinct.

    • poigt remi MELUN-SéNART, FRANCE
      • 6 months ago

      car je trouve injuste que seul un personnage non jouable puisse faire un ultimate


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