Key Opportunity to Keep Oil and Gas Drilling Off Wild Utah Lands
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Key Opportunity to Keep Oil and Gas Drilling Off Wild Utah Lands

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      The Wilderness Society

Some of the West's wildest lands and most valuable wildlife habitat is still at risk from the exploitative energy policies of the last administration.

Under the Bush administration's "drill first, ask questions later" policy, Big Oil and Gas enjoyed unprecedented access to our public lands, all while collecting $72 billion in taxpayer subsidies. This accelerated leasing program left some federal employees with the mistaken belief that they're required to fast-track leasing on public lands.

A game-changing lawsuit brought by The Wilderness Society, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and other groups has gotten the attention of the Obama Administration. As a result, the Interior Department is working on new policies for oil and gas leasing on federal lands that are expected within the next few weeks. The Department's own review team is recommending positive changes to leasing policies. It is up to Secretary Salazar to approve these recommendations.

Not surprisingly, Big Oil and Gas have mounted a massive campaign to derail the new guidelines. That means it's up to us to loosen the grip of the oil and gas industry and take back our public lands.

Right now you can contact Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and urge the Interior Department to move forward with new guidelines that will protect wild lands from unnecessary oil and gas drilling. 

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