Keep Sandy Hook crime scene information private: Urge the CT legislature to pass HB 6424
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Keep Sandy Hook crime scene information private: Urge the CT legislature to pass HB 6424

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      Nicole & Ian Hockley (parents of Dylan), Mark & Jackie Barden (parents of Daniel), and Jimmy Greene & Nelba Marquez-Greene (parents of Ana)

June 2013


Early on Wednesday, 6/5/2013, as we eagerly waited in the halls of the State Capitol after three exhausting days of meetings with legislators, the Connecticut General Assembly voted to keep private the crime scene information from the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, which so tragically rocked our community and our nation last year. This is a victory for our families, for families across our state affected by violent tragedy and for you.

We are parents and family members who lost children in the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school in December 2012. We're coming together to urge the Connecticut legislature to pass a law that would keep sensitive information, including photos and audio, about this tragic day private and out of the hands of people who'd like to misuse it for political gain.

Michael Moore and the hoaxers want to publish this gruesome information. For the sake of the surviving children and families, it's important to keep this information private. Other gruesome scenes have been kept private -- like the scene around Congresswoman Giffords shooting, Vince Foster's suicide, and Dale Earnhardt's automobile accident. This crime has received such international attention, it should be afforded the same treatment.

Supported by: Nicole & Ian Hockley (parents of Dylan), Mark & Jackie Barden (parents of Daniel), Jimmy Greene & Nelba Marquez-Greene (parents of Ana), Jeremy Richman & Jennifer Hensel (parents of Avielle), Erica Lafferty (Dawn Hochsprung's daughter), Shannon & Brian Engel (Olivia's parents), Michele & Bob Gay (Josephine's parents), and Tricia & Dean Pinto (Jack's parents)

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    • Sandra Givens HARRISBURG, IL
      • 11 months ago

      This is not information that we need to see just to be looking at what happened. It is for a jury's eyes only had the alleged killer lived.

      • over 1 year ago

      This is so tragic and these Families have the right to keep it unseen. It is so sad already and they want to preserve their memories and should have the choice. Too much has been taken from them as it is.

    • Robert Wright SIOUX FALLS, SD
      • over 1 year ago

      Because it is the right thing to do. God Bless all of you.

    • colleen stromer DUVALL, WA
      • over 1 year ago

      Look at all the tragic scenes that the killer got away with because of all the Media attention. O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony, & many more that Im sure you can recall, because of too much information is why they didn't go to prison because too much info was out there during the investigations. These children had famllies that couldn't turn their T.Vs on without reliving the gruesome details every day & night. The Media may pay great money to get the gore of it all, Such as poor little Ramsey girl. I would hate to hear & see over & over the latest tip they get. I blame Nancy Grace for Casey Anthony away with murder. Every little tid bit was told. It should affend every one with a conscious. Sadly the Media doesn't have one.

    • jennifer bortell ELKTON, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      A child's death is HIPPA keep it that way.


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