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Keep our kids safe on all school buses!

    1. Carrie Caudle
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      Carrie Caudle

      Ruffin, NC

This is important to any parent that has a child/children riding a school bus. I for one am a parent of three that ride a bus. Our kids are being bullied constantly and after reading an article today one has even been rapped while on the bus. The driver can't keep their eyes on the students if they want to keep the bus on the road. Our kids are not safe on these school buses! If we can get an extra adult on these buses then this bullying will decrease and we can feel better about having to put our children on these buses. Imagine the scars some of these kids endure after being bullied. They claim that bullying is 100% not tolerable but yet our kids still get bullied! Yes..you may punish that child for what he has done after-the-fact but is that making the victim feel any better? No its not! They still are scarred for life! So my point is, if we as parents are forced to make our children go to public schools because we can't afford private or home-schooling then why can't we as parents be assured that when we have to put our kids on a school bus they will return home safe without ever being bullied, harassed, or possibly even rapped! Parents should have a big say-so in the lives of our children so i please ask that you all sign this and hopefully we can start to see a change in our school systems soon. This will not only help our children be safe but also create more job openings for the unemployed.

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    • Mindye Bolt BEAUFORT, SC
      • over 2 years ago

      Children must feel safe on the bus and at school. Please stop bullying,

    • Sarah Huntley FENTON, MO
      • over 2 years ago

      I am not a parent, but a boy i used to know, who i considered my lil bro, was constantly bullied. once, i had to throw the kid off of my bro cuz he wouldnt git off. im with u guys!!!!

    • Gary Gray STOCKTON, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      This is important. Support our petition of protecting foster youth's education rights, follow name link.

      • almost 3 years ago

      Pro education issues;please support our three petitions; foster youth education, civil and medical rights, link on my name.


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