Keep Oscar Favero Hernandez in the United States with his 3 small children and wife.
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Keep Oscar Favero Hernandez in the United States with his 3 small children and wife.

    1. Brandy Dedmon
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      Brandy Dedmon

      Leeds, AL

Oscar Favero Hernandez, is currently being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the New Orleans,Louisiana facility. Oscar is an extremely deserving immigrant who is in desperate need of your support and intervention. He has gained overwhelming support from friends,family,coworkers,and his community. Any honorable judge will see what we see: Oscar Favaro Hernandez is not a criminal. Despite this he has been detained for fraudulent documents due to someone's careless mistake. And in turn will now be deported.

Oscar Favero Hernandez has went outside of the judiciary system to end his sentence immediately in order to hasten the time in which he is reunited with his wife and children. Oscar Favero Hernandez arrived in the United States legally over 15 yrs ago as a young man. He was immediately adopted by a family in Alabama as one of their own. He manages a line of restaurants in Alabama and has 3 beautiful children all born in the United States with his wife, whom is also an immigrant.

One day in March 2012 Oscar Favaro Hernandez went to renew his visa unaware that when he had applied for a social security card in the United States, tragically they had given him another persons number all those years ago. He was detained for fraudulent documents and was told he will be deported. He was now aware that his social security number given to him was invalid.Oscar has decided to take the shortest legal route to hasten the time in which he is reunited with his children.

As Oscar sits alone day after day,separated from his 3 small children and wife, there is no light at the end of the dark tunnel. When he is finally allowed to step out of those jail doors and breathe in the fresh air, he will not be going home. There will be no joyous celebration. Oscar will be deported. Sent to a country where chance, not choice, birthed him: A country full of crime and violence, devoid of rich opportunities he worked so hard for in the United States.

Worst of all, he must face leaving his most prized possessions behind, his sweet daughter and 2 young boys.

Stop the deportation of Oscar Favero Hernandez,alien # 52233-265, and allow him to return home.


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