Keep Ocean Fish Farms off Energy Platforms

Keep Ocean Fish Farms off Energy Platforms

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Offshore oil and gas platforms are already a blight on the eye and destructive to our oceans. And a proposed plan to also use these energy platforms as fish farms would enable even more destruction.

Urge Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to stop the plan to put ocean fish farms on energy platforms >>

The Department of the Interior has just started to review the Minerals Management Service's proposed "Alternative Energy and Alternate Uses" plan - and the latest public version of the rule included allowing ocean fish farms to be attached to the energy platforms.

Ocean fish farms - the mass production of fish in floating pens or cages in open waters - can pollute our oceans and wildlife. And if allowed to develop on a large scale, ocean fish farms could seriously jeopardize the health and economies of coastal communities nationwide.

We want to ensure that new uses for energy facilities don't cause more harm than good.

Ask Secretary Salazar to prohibit ocean fish farms as an alternate use of energy platforms under this rule >>

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