Keep Brownsboro Road Moving
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Mayor Greg Fischer and Tina Ward-Pugh

Keep Brownsboro Road Moving

    1. Ryan Hardesty
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      Ryan Hardesty

      Louisville, KY

Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh is actively forcing through a proposal that will have a permanent and negative impact on area residents and businesses.  We are calling on Mayor Greg Fischer to put a halt to the closure of two lanes on the heavily traveled Brownsboro Road corridor between Ewing Avenue and Drescher Bridge Road until a full examination of the project’s merits is conducted, and all alternatives fully examined.

Brownsboro Road is a major artery into downtown and the East End of Louisville. Reducing the number of driving lanes from 4 to 2 will have some negative impacts:

-    Longer commutes downtown for residents traveling to and from their homes

-    Traffic gridlock during peak travel times, which will be increased by any River Road closures and all I-71 accidents/construction

-    Drivers will be forced to travel at the speed of the slowest motorist and stop at all bus stops

-     Area businesses will lose a substantial amount of customers as this plan diverts traffic onto other travel routes. This has the potential to destroy many local businesses.

-    This proposal will introduce additional hazards for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists

-    Cyclists will still have to share the road with motorists, as the current plan only addresses individuals on foot

There are better alternatives to Tina Ward-Pugh’s plan that must be explored, and all of our citizen’s opinions must be taken into account.

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    1. 30-Day Comment Period Opens for Brownsboro Road Diet Project

      Ryan Hardesty
      Petition Organizer

      As you might be aware, we have caused quite a stir with regard to the issue of changing Brownsboro Road to two lanes with a turning lane in the middle. We have made serious headway and are in the final push to stop this.
      Recent Coverage:

      Mayor Fischer is calling on the community to comment to him via letters or email on this issue. I hope you and all of your employees will write a letter objecting to this project. It is very important that we have a number of emails and letters going to the Mayor objecting to this road reconfiguration as it will be our last chance to have a voice on this issue. The comment period ends April 29, 2012.

      Please visit our website or go to the following Metro Council site to see how to submit comments:

      We appreciate the support you have given us and we hope you will continue to support this cause.

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    3. Let the People Have A Voice & Halt the Brownsboro Road Project

      Ryan Hardesty
      Petition Organizer

      The time has come to let Mayor Fischer and your Councilperson know the Brownsboro Road Diet must be halted for further study and so that the community can weigh in and be heard. We met with the Mayor last week and he is said to be looking into this. However, he has also been meeting with Tina Ward-Pugh who claims to have sufficiently notified the public and wants to move forward with construction. Today, Mayor Fischer released the following statement:

      "The road diet on US 42 they've been working on for a long time, but it's very far down the road. . .We're checking with public safety officials to make sure their voices have been in the process, which we believe they have been."

      With construction slated to begin March 15, and running through Derby, its imperative that we contact our public officials and let them know we have serious concerns about this project and deserve input.

      You can reach Mayor Fischer at 502.574.2003 and Metro Council at 502.574.1100

      Thank you,
      Ryan Hardesty

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    • Thomas Dunbar LOUISVILLE, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      My office is on Brownsboro at Ewing, and I already see the massive congestion this is causing. I love the accessibility idea, but find another way. It exists, but requires more creativity. We just need great sidewalks from Chenoweth to downtown, something I've asked Ken Fleming for for several years. Every time I walk from Chenoweth, either I take my life in my hands walking along Brownsboro without any sidewalks, or get abused by the golfers wh think they own the city tax supported property..

    • Beth Flowers LA GRANGE, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      Every time there is a problem on i71, 42 is one of the best alternatives for drivers and becomes way too crowded. The daily rush hour times are bad enough when 71 is open and running smoothly.

    • Sabi Jugalo LOUISVILLE, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      I travel and drive this road quite frequently and taking away two of the lanes is going to cause more problems then they think that taking the two lanes away will solve. I forsee more accidents happening because many of the businesses on brownsboro their parking lots back up into one lane of the road (taking away this lane would cause potential accidents due to some drivers not fully paying attention to all their surroundings especially since many drivers are so used to two lanes on each side) and changing that would only create problems!

    • John Doe LOUISVILLE, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      They want to put a sidewalk on a strech of Brownsboro Road that ALREADY HAS SIDEWALKS... you all - look closely and you will see that on one side of this strech of BR there is a sidewalk... this proejct is BS and a waste of taxpayers money... if they want to build sidewalks, they should do it going east of Zorn towards Chenoweth Lane... that strech DOES NOT have any sidewalks and is dangerous specially on the curb where the golf course is... and. there is plenty of space for builidlng this w/o reducing the lanes! Thereduction of 42 on lower BR is ridiculous and we support saving 42!

    • Nancy Heinonen LOUISVILLE, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      I work in the 40206 area and traffic will become a nightmare with fewer lanes. I suggest we all add Tina P's # to our phones, and call her to report the gridlock every time there's a wreak on 71 or 64.


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