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Start the "Crying Native American Indian" Ad Campaign again.

    1. K. Lee
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      K. Lee

      Malvern, PA

During my daily driving back and forth all day to run errands or get to classes; all I see along the roads are thousands of pieces of trash. Bags of fast food remains, construction material, bottles, cans, books, papers, tires, etc. My 40 something Generation grew up watching that ad. It would not cross my mind to chuck something out my car window, or let a piece of trash drop from my hands. Yet, I watch the 20 something Generation and even my daughter's (15) Generation unwrap something and let it fall to the ground. I watched a Mother the other day with her Elementary school age daughter, unwrap a Popsicle for her and the Mom threw the paper on the ground. Not a very good role model. We need this ad campaign running every day, during prime viewing hours to remind these Generations that even if you were raised in the recycling age, you are still missing the lesson not to chuck trash out your car window or throw it on the ground!

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    • Kim Goebel ROSENEATH, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      I loved that commercial. It hit home and you are so right! The younger generation do not respect Mother Earth. We also as parents and community members need to step up too and teach our children/grandchildren the proper way of disposing trash.


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