Keep 2011's "Extended Limits On Extreme Deals" Teacher Policy!  Do Not Change to 2012 Policy for Staples Rewards Check
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Keep 2011's "Extended Limits On Extreme Deals" Teacher Policy! Do Not Change to 2012 Policy for Staples Rewards Check

    1. Danielle D'Andrea
    2. Petition by

      Danielle D'Andrea

      Danbury, CT

After many of us have spoken to several of your customer service representatives in different departments, we are contacting you regarding your new policy for your back to school shopping limits for teachers. As teachers, we plan for the new school year well in advance. The majority of us purchase supplies using our own money for our classrooms.  Your Extreme Deals have allowed us to provide our students with the necessary supplies that many would not be able to have otherwise. 

However, this year we understand that your policy will be different.  The notice we received is as follows:

"Extended limits on Extreme Deals are now 100% back in Staples Rewards.  Last year you took advantage of extended limits during the Back to School season.  This year, instead of getting an instant discount on additional quantities of Extreme Deals, you'll get 100% of your purchase back in Staples Rewards on up to 25 items.  Just look for Extreme Deals on the front cover of our Weekly Ad during July and August 2012.  With these savings, going back to school will be a lot easier."

Now, a teacher will not be able to go in your store and purchase a class set of your Extreme Deals at the Extreme Deal price. What I understand is that after I reach my limit of five, I will be paying regular price. I also understand that you will send me the difference back in Staples Rewards for those items above the Extreme Deal price. 

So let's break it down so we all are clear.

25 packages of loose leaf binder paper = $2.50

limit of 5 = 50 cents
regular price - $1.99 X 20 packages = $39.80
$39.80 + .50 = $40.30

Take this example further. I know this year I will be buying Spirals for Math Notebooks.

25 spirals = $2.50

limit of 5 = 50 cents
regular price - $1.99 X 20 spirals = $39.80
$39.80 + .50 = $40.30

Add in Science Notebooks and notebooks for our writing centers, for example.  However, in this example, I have paid $120.90 (plus tax), but all I have is a class set of paper, and spiral notebooks for Math and Science.  How can I afford class sets of folders, pencils, map pencils, markers and so on? The truth is with an Extreme Deal like this... I can't.  What about crayons, watercolors and glue?

Unfortunately, school budgets are being slashed more and more every year.  Most teachers get very little school supplies when school starts. Working in an inner city school district, as many of us do for example, one reason is that the families that we service can't afford school supplies. As a teacher, we assume this responsibility. We shop for Extreme Deals because we have no choice. We need supplies for the children in our classroom. Simply stated, we need basic materials to TEACH. We are loyal Staples shoppers because of this policy and are thankful for your assistance to help our students.  However, a reward check does us no good if we have to spend hundreds of dollars to prepare for our school year and you are sending it to us at a later date. We do not need to go back to school shopping in November. We NEED the supplies before the children walk in the door.

Many of us have called customer service and have been thoroughly shocked that many of us have been told to make a choice and shop elsewhere for Extreme Deals.  We understand that your main purpose is to turn a profit, however, we wanted to be sure you understood how this new change in policy would not benefit a teacher at all, and therefore would make you lose a large customerbase.  Instead of just shopping at your local competitors, I wanted to let you know and see if somebody would listen and perhaps just consider a change.

Thank you,

Miss D., Mrs. Coe, and Fellow Teachers

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    1. Reached 1,500 signatures
    2. Just 6 away to 1,500 supporters!

      Danielle D'Andrea
      Petition Organizer

      Still haven't heard from Staples yet...

      Does this mean we stop? Or we shout louder!? Keep this going!! Summer's not over yet!

    3. Reached 1,000 signatures
    4. So close to 1,000 supporters, but has Staples heard us yet??

      Danielle D'Andrea
      Petition Organizer

      As of Saturday, July 14th at 9pm EST, we have 957 supporters of our petition to Staples. However, have we heard anything from Staples? No. Has their policy changed? No. Does anyone at Staples seem to care? Not at the moment.

      So how do we change this? We get louder...

      Spread the word. If we're going to continue to make sure that our students have everything they need to learn, even if they can't afford the supplies, we need to continue to get our message out there. We are trying to help our students! For many years, Staples provided us a way to do just that. As a result, we became loyal Staples customers. As of right now, however, that has come to an end. Let's see if we can get Staples to be an education-conscious company that wants to make a difference in students' lives by partnering with teachers!

      Thank you for all your help and support! Continue to spread the word!!


    5. Reached 750 signatures
    6. We're up to 659...but we're still far away!

      Danielle D'Andrea
      Petition Organizer

      The first official week of Staples back to school deals is here. Many of us are disappointed! As of right this second, we have 659 signatures, but this is not enough! Let's make Staples hear our voices. Please spread the word: Facebook, Twitter, email - post on your blogs if you have blogs!

      Just keep it up! Together, we can make a change!

      Thank you for your support!!

    7. Reached 500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Megan Kopfhamer PORTAGE, WI
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a teacher in a cash strapped district. O count your deals to get through the year.

    • Laura Sullivan MATTOON, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      Providing students with what they need to be successful is importnatn to their learning. Teacher pay oout of pocket for many items in their classrooms, it is importnat that we help to support them them so that they can focus on teaching.

    • LentzRebecca APP AP, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
      • about 2 years ago

      I teach military kids and pick up supplies in the summer because everything overseas is more expensive :(

    • Veronika Schiff BROOKLYN, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      As a teacher I fully concur with the points addressed in the letter. Staples provided a wonderful service with it's Extreme Deals policy for teachers in the back-to-school season. What a shame they saw fit to essentially end it ---because that is what it ammounts to -- an end to the special deals accorded teachers.

    • jason harthan SHREWSBURY, MA
      • about 2 years ago

      I normally spend $250 each fall at Staples. Thus year I will spend $0.


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