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Charge These Police Officers With Murder - NOW!

    1. Charlie Grapski
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      Charlie Grapski

      Kissimmee, FL

A police badge is not a license to kill.  

[See story here]

The attached video is indisputable evidence that an Albequerque Police Officer shoots a homeless man, James Boyd, living in the hills, as the man is obeying the orders of a handful of heavily armed (assault rifles) officers.

First, with no provocation from the man gathering his possessions, you hear one officer give a command: "Do it now."

Next, an officer, who had been speaking with the man, while aiming a rifle at him shoots a flash-bang upon command.  

No officer is within 30 feet of the man.  No officer is in jeopardy of harm - let alone threatened with lethal force.  And no officer is assaulted or in any other way threatened by the man.

A police dog is unleashed on the man now clearly in shock from the first rifle shot.

Then, with absolutely no provocation, as the man's back is turned to the officers - a second and third officer fire a rapid series of automatic bullets into the man's body.

The result - a man is dead for living in the hills.

The evidence is prima facie evidence of a crime.  A crime committed under the color of law.  Thus a crime of the highest order in a free society.  That crime was murder.

Being a police officer ought not to insulate the individual from being held accountable, under the law, for his acts.  The law should be applied equally to officers as to any other citizen.  And when a criminal act is committed while in the service of the Police Department, under the color of law, this undermines the law.  

Therefore state prosecutors have a legal and moral obligation to prosecute such individuals, despite their status as a police officer, with extreme prejudice.  Crimes by law enforcement officers must not be tolerated.  Particularly the crime of murder.

And this act was murder.  Plain and simple.

  • The other officers involved also should be held legally to account with appropriate charges as accomplices to this crime.  
  • But first and foremost, District Attorney Kari Brandenberg must immediate action to place the two shooters under arrest and charged with murder.
  • The officers who committed the murder are: Dominque Perez and Keith Sandy.
  • Then District Attorney Kari Brandenberg must aggressively prosecute the two individuals to the full extent of the law seeking a conviction of the crime of murder .
  • District Attorney Karia Brandenberg must to pursue this case without any regard to the status of these individuals as police officers.  They should be treated equal to any other citizen who committed an act of this nature.

Because wearing a badge is not a license to kill.

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    • Nathan Meece SUGARLAND, TX
      • 18 days ago

      Cops should be held responsible for their actions, just like everyone else. Who will watch the watchdogs, if not us, the people?

    • Skip Yocum BETHLEHEM, PA
      • 21 days ago

      Because its murder in cold bolod.

    • Philip Boese ALBUQUERQUE, NM
      • 25 days ago

      This is just one incident in a long string of similar incidents, a definite pattern of justice denied. Now, in September 2014, it has just happened AGAIN.

    • Andrea Ransdell DAVIS, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      This is a crime. Police should not be immune to the law.

    • Jody Griswold HARLINGEN, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      Stop people like Sandy from wearing a badge. He is a murderer with no ethical or moral behavior. He was fired from the State Police for being a thief, that should disqualify him from police work permanently


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