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Stop separating pregnant employees to prevent the use of maternity benefits

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      Joseph Barnes

      Orlando, FL

Two weeks after contacting human resources about using her maternity benefits to have her first child Danielle Jeter was terminated/ laid off for "performance" reasons. This was a total surprise considering she has never had a written or verbal reprimand and has always met the monthly goals determined by her leadership and supervisors. The physical and emotional toll of having a child is tremendous and adding the stress of having your benefits stripped away 6 weeks before you need them can be overwhelming. Getting rid of unproductive employees is understandable and expected in today's economy but separating hard working employees so you don't have to give them benefits is callous and an unfair business practice. Let women work and have the time they need to have families. Let them use their benefit because they have earned it. Hire Danielle Jeter back let her do her job.

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    • Lea Clapper ORLANDO, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      Many other pregnant women have been laid-off at Kaplan because of performance but it was because they were pregnant!


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