Do not legalize discrimination; overturning House Bill No. 2453
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Kansas State Senate
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Do not legalize discrimination; overturning House Bill No. 2453

    1. Harriet Smith
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      Harriet Smith

      Boston, MA

February 2014


Harriet Smith: Republican leadership in Kansas killed the bill, at least in it's current form. Senator Susan Wagle announced it was dead on Friday.

We count as people, I swear.

In Kansas, they are voting to decide if we count as people enough to have all of our basic rights respected. There is a bill out, you can read it here, that is so disturbing as to be vomit inducing.

It is saying, literally, if you claim religious beliefs, you can fire someone for being gay. You can retract their loans.

Kick them out of school.

Kick them out of their homes. Including foster care.

It's saying that not only do you not have any legal recourse, but if you try to bring them to court you have to pay for their legal fees. It says that despite the massive discrimination against LGBT people, they don't deserve legal protections because someone's religious views are more important then people's lives.

This is disgusting.

What you are saying if you allow this to pass is one out of ten Americans (roughly 11% of the world's population is a part of the LGBT community) should avoid Kansas for their own safety. Their friends and family should avoid Kansas in order to be in more progressive areas. And any business with more then ten people should likely avoid your state.

It's going to be an economic and marketing disaster for Kansas. It will tell the world that your state doesn't understand progress or common decency.

This is going to do nothing but add to the discrimination of a population that's already dealing with so many other problems. Huge portions of the LGBT population attempt suicide because of the discrimination we face (including more then half of all trans women), and 90% of LGBT people have lost jobs, housing, or educational loans because of people who use the lord's name in vain to hide their own homophobia behind the glory of God. Either overturn this bill or admit you don't care about the deaths of God's creatures in your own state, because the LGBT population needs you to step up and admit we're human. As humans we deserve the same basic rights as anyone else.

Because we count as people, I swear.

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    • Daniel Solomon Holland KANSAS CITY, KS
      • 8 months ago

      'Cause I'm not an idiot and legalizing this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life you moronic idiot

    • Jesse Hicks CALHOUN, GA
      • 8 months ago

      Because homosexuals are human beings who deserve basic human rights.

    • Kayla Ochoa RIVERVIEW, FL
      • 8 months ago

      Because love is love.

    • Collin Blanco LUTZ, FL
      • 8 months ago

      Everyone deserves to be equal and love freely

      Foolish to disagree

    • Jessica Rhodes DELAND, FL
      • 8 months ago



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