Unless he changes...HE'S FIRED!

Unless he changes...HE'S FIRED!

    1. dollie gifford
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      dollie gifford

      Port Charlotte, FL

Justin Bieber needs to know that he is not untouchable and hes hurting fans with his behavior. I used to be a fan with posters, pictures,albums, movies and his perfumes. Now all those posters, pictures, albums,, movies are burned and his perfumes sold...so unless he changes I'm not changing.

Unless he changes...HE'S FIRED!

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    1. Justin Bieber’s Bad Behavior: ‘Torn Apart’ Due To Selena Gomez’s Mixed Mess

      dollie gifford
      Petition Organizer

      It's not just Selena...his ego is bigger than that of a US president


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    • Cassandra Gifford PORT CHARLOTTE, FL
      • about 1 year ago

      To stop America's youth from believing fame is the answer. No one likes an arrogant jerk.


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