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Maximum sentence for Sylvia Panetta for the inhumane treatment of animals
  • Petitioned Justice for the Wallkill Rottweilers found in horrific conditions in NY

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Justice for the Wallkill Rottweilers found in horrific conditions in NY

Maximum sentence for Sylvia Panetta for the inhumane treatment of animals

    1. Doxie Lover
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      Doxie Lover

      USA, FL

We are urging the Township of Middletown to serve JUSTICE FOR THE WALLKILL ROTTWEILERS . Sylvia Panetta 64 of New York had a total of 76 Rottweiler's and counting as some are pregnant. An investigation into Karousel Kennels revealed dogs living in horrific conditions with barely any shelter, insect infected water, fed for the most part a diet of moldy bread and conditions were described by Authorities in New York as one of the most disturbing cases of animal abuse they have ever seen. Approximately a quarter of the dogs were removed immediately to be given medical attention, one of which had a leg amputation, another having an eye removed, one euthanized due to kidney failure and most dogs underweight due to malnutition,  many sick needing medical care, toe amputations and it has been reported that  many of the dogs have deformaties due to the lack of care and conditions they were living in. This is not taking into account the emotional and psychological damage that these poor dogs have endured.

The town of Wallkill limits private owners to five dogs or less. Panetta is not registered as a shelter or breeder in the town so in fact has broken the law. We want to see justice for these dogs and the maximum sentence for Sylvia Panetta setting example that this will not be tolerated .

A little background about this picture. This is Blossom, she is one of the 76 dogs found at the Puppy Mill raided in Middletown, NY. She had to be carried out because she was completely closed down while being lead out of her cage. The only home she has ever known was awash in a putrid slime of mud and who knows what else. "Pets Alive" and Rottweiler rescue groups "Mountain Rottie Rescue", "Rottie Empire Rescue" and "Hudson Valley Rottie Rescue" lead the way and were given only 10 days by the court  to get the dogs out and we applaud the above rescues and the good citizens for accomplishing this in getting every dog out and to safety. 

Please sign and share this petition as justice needs to be served and in your part you are saying enough is enough.

Sylvia Panetta's Court date is set for June 15th 2012 and we need to get as many signatures as possible to be presented in the court on that date. 

Sandy Elis who is fostering one of the rottweilers who has been named Summer writes:  

Summer is 8 years old. First time in her life to be loved, cuddled, toys, real food instead of moldy bread and cared for the way she should . . The poor girl is missing part of her mouth. .the lips are gone on one side and some of her toes are deformed but everyday is a brighter day for both of us and I plan on giving her the forever home she deserves.

Special Thanks to all of those rescue's above and the following for their part in the amazing  team work for the welfare of these animals. Warwick HS, Paws Unlimited, Middletown HS, Goshen HS, Franklin Shelter NJ, Oneonta Vet, For The Love Of Dog and to  the many good citizens. We Thank You 

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    • gwen paasch WARRENTON, MO
      • about 2 years ago

      animals depend on us.dogs love you know matter what.GOD'S CREATERS

    • Dawn Eakins MERCER, MO
      • about 2 years ago

      Because dogs Dods are angels sent from heaven, those people that treat animals like that SHOULD BE HUNG!!!!!!!!!!

    • patricia mcgl;ynn UTICA, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      how dare anyone have this happen to the innocent

    • Cátia Serra COVILHA, PORTUGAL
      • about 2 years ago

      Que se faça justiça por estes cães, eles não se conseguem defender de pessoas criminosas como estas mas se os humanos puderem fazer justiça por eles, então que o façam, o lugar dessas pessoas era viver na lixeira a sobreviver da porcaria dos outros.

    • Susan Winkelman MINNEAPOLIS, MN
      • about 2 years ago

      Put this B...tch away for life - it is ridiculous that in this day and age there are not more laws protecting animals. Breeders should be eliminated period until animal shelters are emptied out.


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