Justice For Richmond Halls
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Justice For Richmond Halls

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      BlackNation TaskForce

      Dallas, TX

Richmond Halls has a 5th grade education and reads, writes and comprehends very poorly; yet, with the assistance of his brother Halls' once employed over 100 people in the small unincorporated Community of Cross, South Carolina. Upon the death of his brother Mr. Halls turned to an attorney; received bad legal advice, and is now in Bankruptcy facing the possibilities of loosing everything. 

This is a very unique bankruptcy case which involves 3 states and 5 attorneys, including one attorney who died about 6 months ago. Richmond Halls was introduced to an attorney to represent his bankruptcy case and that attorney was not hired but, is now mysteriously the Bankruptcy Trustee.

An African American realtor secured a buyer for Halls' property and South Carolina Trustee refused to use realtor. Trustee is now attempting to prove that Hall's is a fraud. It is important that this case is investigated as there appears to be a conspired effort to illegally seize all property of Richmond Hall's. 

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    • Naomi Adams GREEN POND, SC
      • about 2 years ago

      I believe in god

    • Dina uff JONESBORO, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      Its time for change


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