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Justice For Mijo

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      Cheryl S

      Tampa, FL

A plea from the owner:

 "On May 10, 2012, my dog Mijo was killed by a minister in a public street using a machete. Mijo had gotten out of his leash to be with a female dog when one of my neighbors of a couple houses down crossed the street with a machete and struck him 4 times.

He was struck 2 in the face, 1 splitting his nose in half, the other one on his mouth, and 2 on his thigh. Mijo limped his way back but could... only make it to the front porch where he died.

When I found his body, I knew he was dead but I kept petting him asking him to wake up and please come home with me. I confronted the neighbor and he said he killed the dog with the machete. When asked why he did not respond.

The Sheriff was notified but didn't even look remotely interested in the report. I have called the office several times and they told me that they haven't even gotten an investigator to look over the case. I can't press charges until that is done.

2 news stations were contacted but told me that they cant do too much because it's still under investigation. Mijo did not deserve to die this way. I will try my best to get something done about this."


Jose Salazar, a Minister residing in Alamo, TX, had no problem going into this house, grabbing a Machete, and striking the Yellow Labrador Retriever belonging to an Iraqi Veteran not once, not even twice, but FOUR times. His actions were thoughtless, careless, and inhumane. If he can snap at a harmless animal that was NOT attacking a human being, what could this man do to another person, or child?


Updates are being posted on a minute to minute basis on the public facebook page. Warning There are graphic pictures uploaded of the cruelty this animal suffered.




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      Cheryl S
      Petition Organizer

      If you call the Sheriff's department, please be nice to them as we want them on our side and not have "Mob-Like" attitude towards them. The number is 956 383 8114 My name is Luis Ortiz case# 12-18724 The news channels I have reached was KRGV Fox Channel 5 and KNVO Channel 48

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    Reasons for signing

    • Elizabeth Welty COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA
      • about 1 year ago

      was his death justify ?

    • Kat Marinelli SYDNEY, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      This man is a murderer. It does not matter if the victim has skin, fur, fins, or feathers. Murder is murder and he needs to be punished by law.

    • Ginger Neimo ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      Weird people in this world just waiting to hit on someone innocent- an animal.

    • Alison Meyer CAMAS, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing this because we dont even treat RAPISTS, PEDOPHILES OR SERIAL KILLERS this way! This blatent disregard for an animals life needs to be punished. Even done by a minister no less. Sickening. The man is NOT A MAN OF GOD! He should be in prison and no one should be ignoring this in any way, shape or form. It is unacceptable!!! May God bless this poor baby and all the others this person may have abused or killed. He makes me ashamed to be a human.

    • Robert Hollingsworth EL SEGUNDO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      "Self defense", really? Seems this would be an easy case to prosecute compared to much of the crime in your area, seeing to a criminal case being brought forth would go a long way to get the public more behind you.


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