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Justice For Kelly Thomas

    1. Carol Leonard
    2. Petition by

      Carol Leonard

      Elizabethton, United States

January 2013


From Carol Leonard: 3 of the 6 Fullerton Officers will stand trial for the beating death of Kelly Thomas.

Justice for Kelly Thomas, an innocent man who was beat to death by Fullerton Police.

News report on the case: http://bit.ly/KCMDkp

This Petition was written by Dan Petry.

    On July 5, 2011, Mr. Kelly Thomas, a 135lb., mentally ill, homeless man, was sitting on a bench at a public bus stop in Fullerton, Ca. when a Police officer: Manuel Ramos, started questioning Mr. Thomas about alleged car burglaries, in the area. Note: it would later be determined that

  Mr. Thomas was not involved in any illegal activity, just living on the streets, surviving, day to day. After some questioning which was borderline absurd at times, officer Ramos demanded for Mr. Thomas to stretch his legs out, then his arms out. In a public video, which recorded at least 
33 minutes of this alleged crime against Mr. Thomas, you can hear officer Ramos's attitude and demeanor are confrontational towards Mr. Thomas. Officer Ramos, out of the blue, pulls out a pair of gloves and puts them on, around the 14:30 mark in the video, and tells Mr. Thomas: "SEE MY    FISTS? THEY ARE GOING TO F___ YOU UP" and "PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR F------ KNEES". Which shows pre - meditation to cause great bodily injuries, up to and including death. After this obvious threat from officer Ramos, Mr. Thomas gets up to walk away from the confrontational situation, as he 
should have. Officer Joe Wolfe, can be seen in the video, striking Mr. Thomas with his baton and he crumbles to the ground.The two continue to beat, knee and kick Mr. Thomas until another Police officer arrives, who instead of stopping the beating, joins in. Eventually, there would be 6 or "THE 
FULLERTON 6 " involved in this brutal beating. Mr. Thomas was tased 6 times, twice in the chest and beat beyond recognition. When the paramedics and Fire Departments arrived, officer Ramos claims it was the worst fight of his life and asked for medical attention on a minor scrape, while Mr. 
Thomas lay in a near coma like death state, unbelievable. Finally, the paramedics see Mr. Thomas and put him in the ambulance, not breathing. After 18 minutes he is revived, but would perish 5 days later at the hospital. In the video, there is no evidence Mr. Thomas threw any punches or 
fought back in any way. In fact, Mr. Thomas can be heard saying: "I'M SORRY", "I CAN'T BREATHE" and his last words: "DAD", "DAD", "DAD", disgusting. 
       In, "THE PEOPLE vs. MANUEL RAMOS & JAY CICINELI", case #: 11CF2575. Mr. Ramos is charged with: second degree murder and Mr. Cicineli: involuntary manslaughter and excessive force. The case also lists other Fullerton Police officers involved and here they are: Sgt. Kevin Craig.        Joseph Wolfe.        Kenton Hampton.        LLoyd White.        Jonathan Munoz.        Mike Bova.        David MacShane. Corporals:        James Blatney.        Jose Torres.        John Ema.        Tony Rios.
In this petition we are asking all Americans to sign it and have the D.A. in Fullerton, Ca. prosecute every one of these Police officers as the two above have been charged. Joe Wolfe: second degree murder as Mr. Ramos was. All the others as their crimes dictate.

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    3. Cops to Be Tried

      Carol Leonard
      Petition Organizer

      "The grainy-but-gripping video of a homeless man being beaten to death was the key evidence in the prosecution's successful effort to convince the court to force a police officer to stand trial for murder in the second degree."

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    Reasons for signing

    • Nathalie van Lieburg ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS
      • almost 2 years ago

      in my neighboorhood i see these kind of things all the time! the police should be there to protect us right? well is this protection???!!! beating a homeless person to death? this must stop.

    • stefano vitura ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS
      • almost 2 years ago


    • Stephen Switzer INDIO, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is absolutely unacceptable in a democracy. These officers must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Mad Dena Maddie WAUPUN, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      I remember this case.. hearing this poor man cry for help as they beat him to death.. And the shock as they laughed.. It's so sad and he did nothing wrong..

    • Barbara Potkay NEW HAVEN, CT
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because this was such a heinous and senseless crime. Kelly was doing nothing wrong, And the video says it all!!! Sickening!


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