Build a skate plaza in Jacob Little's honor

Build a skate plaza in Jacob Little's honor

    1. Veronica Little
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      Veronica Little

      Monroe, GA

Jacob Little was hit and killed by four vehicles when he ran back into the road to recover his skateboard that road kill threw him off of. He was making his way to school on Tuesday morning, August 27, when he made a hasty decision that cost him his life!
He was ALWAYS on his skateboard but he never had anywhere to go.  
There is no place for our community's skaters to be free without the fear of meeting the same fate as Jacob Little.
We need a safe place for boarders to go and be free.
This petition will be presented to Rob Dyrdek, (one of Jacob's idol's), in hopes that his foundation will build a skate plaza for anyone and everyone to safely enjoy in Jacob's honor.

Build a skate plaza in Jacob Little's honor

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    • Tierra Clay MONROE, GA
      • about 1 month ago

      He is my friend

    • james W COLUMBUS, OH
      • 7 months ago

      As a skateboarder for 16 years and seeing shit like this happening because there aren't good skateparks in most cites (except cali) something needs to change!! downtown in everywhere in every city they boot skaters,write tickets etc.. because of insurance/ concrete damage the skateboard trucks cause.., but don't give em a quality skatepark!! so skaters go back more frequent than they would if they were to have a skate plaza built by skateboarders who know what radius would be perfect for what the obstacle is. you can't just throw concrete on a site and say heres a good skatepark. look up worst skateparks and the angles are terrible. any core skateshop would gladly have a jar put in the shop or flyer taped to the door/counter by the register asking if customers want to donate some funds etc to get something started. no, a mall/corporate shop zumies, sporting goods stores etc don't count, the staff there don't know shit about skateboarding 98% of the time. in my area a skateboarder got hit because he was trying to get to a friends house and there wasn't a side walk.. google this. (columbus ohio skateboarder gets hit by car) It happened a while ago.., none the less it still happened. team pain, ca skateparks, robdyrdek foundation, are the preferred design companies.. gridline and others aswell.. a 30,000 sq ft skate plaza like cali (google it) costs around 1 million after give or take some, almost every city has vacant land they still pay tax on so help it benefit skateboarders and improve the city/state. most skateboarders look out for/help each other. of coarse put rules/warnings, vandalism will cause park closure, city not liable for accidents.., like you see on skatepark rules signs... enforcing helmets deters skateboarders big time and they won't wear it most of 99% of the time at a skate plaza.

    • Caitlyn Davis MONROE, GA
      • 7 months ago

      Children need to feel at peace on there boards and need a place where there are like minded people to make friendships with. Cheerleaders have all there other friends on the team, football, soccer, baseball. There friends are there but who can find skateboarding in school. You can't so we need to make a place for them.

    • Ariel Leming COMER, GA
      • 8 months ago

      jacob little was my best friend and i love him so much and miss him. he needs to be honered for being the sweeted kid alive :) <3

    • Joselyn Martinez CONYERS, GA
      • 8 months ago

      He was a great guy


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