Justice for Hyderabad Police Officer killed by Jihadi Terrorist
  • Petitioned Sri. Pranab Kumar Mukherjee

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His Excellency, Hon. President of India
Sri. Pranab Kumar Mukherjee
Hon. Home Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh
Smt. Sabitha Indra Reddy
Hon. Principal Secretary (Home), Government of Andhra Pradesh
Sri P.Goutham kumar, IPS
Hon. Leader of the Opposition, Andhra Pradesh Assembly
Sri N.Chandrababu Naidu
Hon. BJP State President and MLA
Sri G.Kishan Reddy
Hon. Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India
Sri. Sarosh Homi Kapadia
His Excellency, Hon. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
Sri.N. Kiran Kumar Reddy
His Excellency, Hon. Governor of Andhra Pradesh
Sri. E.S.L. Narasimhan

Justice for Hyderabad Police Officer killed by Jihadi Terrorist

    1. Sheila Ram
    2. Petition by

      Sheila Ram

      Hyderabad, India

This is an urgent petition, requesting the Hon. President of India to Stop the Proposed Clemency to Jihadi Terrorist Mohammad Abdul Qadeer and to Provide Justice to the family of Martyred Assistant Commisioner of Police N. Satya (who was shot dead by his own subordinate constable Abdul Qadeer, a fanatic Jihadi) for discharging his duties as a honest, upfront officer in quelling communal riots in Hyderabad.

We request the Hon. President of India to reject any clemency petition being floated by Jihadi-supporters and Naxalite-front groups whose aim is to affect the morale and deter patriotic, law-abiding police personnel from discharge their duties.

We urge the Governments of India and Andhra Pradesh to not suppress the legitimate voice of 89% (majority) of the state’s population due to undue political pressure exerted by the fundamentalist Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM), whose support-base is limited to only the extremist fringes of the Muslim community (9% of the state’s population).

We also humbly remind the Hon. President and Hon. Chief Minister that Police Constable Mohammad Abdul Qadeer shot dead his superior Assistant Commissioner of Police N. Satya in the midst of communal riots on December 12, 1990.  Qadeer was arrested on the spot and was booked in sec 302 of I.P.C, and sec 27 of the Arms Act.  

The patriotic ACP N.Satya wanted to inspect a mosque as there was reliable information that the mosque was being used for storing weapons and that rioters were using it for staging attacks on unsuspecting passers-by. Seeing that the ACP Satya was intent on entering the mosque for inspection, this constable Qadeer who was well aware of the goings-on inside the mosque (to which he was a willing accomplice) took his service gun and shot dead his own superior officer ACP N.Satya from behind, in cold blood.

The state government, police and the prosecution in their argument before the honourable court successfully also proved that, “The accused Qadeer is a Jihadi fanatic and Hindu hater who instigated rowdy elements of Muslim community to rape Hindu girls on the eve of Rakhi Pornima; he was also seen in the company of Muslim rowdies who were attacking Hindus and he also opened fire at Hindus.” 

On December 31, 1992, the honourable court  duly convicted and awarded life imprisonment to the unrepentant murderer Mohammad Abdul Qadeer, which was a much lighter sentence than the death penalty that the Indian masses expected would be handed down to this communal terrorist.

Ever since this anti-national Qadeer is in jail, the  Jihadi-supporters and Naxalite-front groups have tried to unsuccessfully prove the constable as mentally unstable. He is being given royal treatment in jail and in an air-conditioned hospital on the demand of unpatriotic MIM Razakars, the same group who violently opposed Hyderabad's accession to India and killed lakhs of Indians in 1946-1948, before the Indian Army liberated Hyderabad.

Recently, this traitor Qadeer was rewarded by Razakar MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi who gifted him a Cheque for Rupees 3.5 Lakhs for his contribution to the Jihadi cause and assassination of ACP N. Satya.

The travesty is that for the past few months, this treacherous Jihadi terrorist Mohammad Abdul Qadeer has been released from jail for a few days to a few weeks at a time, so he can enjoy time with his family and relatives - an opportunity he denied for ever to the bereaved parents, wife, children, siblings and relatives of ACP N.Satya whom he murdered with his own hands.

The blood of martyr ACP N.Satya will stain the hands of any Honourable President who grants clemency to the unpenitent Jihadi Mohammad Abdul Qadeer and mar the legacy of any Honourable Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister who collaborates in his illegal release and thereby rewards terrorists for killing police officials. 

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 10 months ago

      All countries, which have Muslims taken on humanitarian grounds from war-torn countries, have a terrorism and a security problem. All countries now have a Muslim rape culture and a culture Agitation against Christians. All countries are now confronted with FGM, honor killings, child marriages, forced marriages. Germany alone has information of the BKA of 42,000 violent Islamists, which were few of them in terrorist camps. The terrorists have often indigenous citizenship and the women of the family and the environment cover their backs. The women monitored nobody and that's the mistake. The terrorists infiltrate the country with their hate campaigns, often married local women to residence permits and get a good life. Just why do our governments tolerate what is so obvious. America has the data monitoring program so obviously installed because we Europeans are unable to search for peace and security in their own countries and because here terrorists allowed to move freely with its numerous sympathizers and at our expense, have a good life, that they answered at some point with terrorism of the worst kind, which can be bombings, attacks with chemical and biological weapons. Thats the thank you of them to us. This blindness of our governments must be stopped and these people belong in jail and they must also not taken in our countries, including the women who cover the misdeeds of these monsters and give them alibis. There are cases in the media more than enough. Our Governments need to act otherwise otherwise they will continue to be regarded by terrorists as pathetic cowardly and weak.

      We must save our countries. We must protect our democratic countries of Islamic terrorism! The irony of Muslim terrorism:

      Terrorism is the vilest crime because it robs people not only of their lives, but also of their safety and freedom.

      No one is safe from islamic terrorism, we need to protect our citizens and keep our children a safe democratic country.

      We are terrorized for 9 years by a Muslim ex-tenant and his friends, which have clearly Islamist contacts. No one does anything against it!

    • Rajesh M INDIA
      • 11 months ago

      I support such officers.

    • Shyam Gopal SAN JOSE, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Justice should prevail. Clemency for a murderer is not justice.

    • Satyanarayana Dosapati MARLBORO, NJ
      • almost 2 years ago

      I was appalled by hate speeches of MIM leaders who want to turn Andhra/Hyderabad area into another Kashmir.

    • Dr. Vasunder Reddy SECUNDERABAD, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      AA criminal needs to be punished for killing a upright officer.


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