Justice for Hercules, NJ dog starved by owner, Max Sentence for Roxanne Notaro
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Justice for Hercules, NJ dog starved by owner, Max Sentence for Roxanne Notaro

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      Albuquerque, NM

Deptford TWP, NJ~On April 3rd, 2012 a Deptford police officer was responding to a complaint at the home of Roxanne Notaro when he discovered Hercules in terrible shape and in horrific conditions. He was emaciated and locked in a small crate in the basement, covered in his own urine, feces and fleas. He was anemic as a result of the flea infestation.

Hercules was so weak he couldn’t even stand on his own; he was taken to Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital where he received emergency care.

She also owned a chocolate lab that was in good weight and good health except for fleas. The chocolate lab was surrendered to the NJSPCA. In addition, NJSPCA found an elderly cat that was also malnourished and in poor condition, unfortunately, the cat had to be euthanized.

She was charged with six (6) counts of animal cruelty. The charges were filed in Deptford Municipal Court by the NJSPCA on Monday, April 9. With regard to Hercules, Notaro was charged with five counts of animal cruelty; depriving a living creature of necessary sustenance, failure to provide a living creature with proper food and/or drink and torture, torment a living animal or creature. Notaro was also charged with one count of animal cruelty due to the condition of the cat.

Hercules is now in foster care where he is recovering slowly but surely. According to NJSPCA, he is responding well to the care he is receiving and is eating small meals to build his strength and weight. Once he is strong enough, he will require surgery to his right elbow due to complications from the malnutrition, neglect and living on his own feces for so long.

It is very difficult to comprehend how a person starves one dog in basement and feeds another upstairs. Please add your name to this petition and let’s get justice for Hercules.

This petition will be updated as more information becomes available; however, the intent will remain the same.

Photo Credit: NJSPCA

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    1. Update 5-23-2012~Roxanne Notaro Pleads Guilty & Sentenced

      Hand 4Paws
      Petition Organizer

      To All: Results of the GUILTY plea today in the NJSPCA VS Notaro Case............Plead guilty to 5 counts of animal cruelty 3 Charges Dismissed w/out prejudice
      $4000.00 fines and 45 days in Jail - Suspended as long as she complies with the consent order which reads:

      200 hours community service
      No care custody or control of any animal for 10 years
      Open inspections by NJ SPCA or Animal Control
      2,900.00 Paid to Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital for Hercules.

      Alice Sheridan Pled Guillty to one count of Animal Cruelty - 500.00 Fine
      No Care Custody or Control for 10 years
      Open Inspections.
      Hercules is now 51 lbs and he is doing wonderful in his new permanet Home. Hercules is being adopted by a staff member at DVVH, Terry. Hercules and Terry bonded and it was an amazing thing to see happening.
      **IF Notaro violates this Court Order NJSPCA will ARREST her and she goes to JAIL.** Capt Yocum, NJ SPCA

      Thank you all so much for your support with this petition.

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    3. Preliminary Hearing~May 2nd, 2012

      Hand 4Paws
      Petition Organizer

      Preliminary hearing scheduled for May 2nd, 2012. Please keep sharing... thank you all for your support.

    4. Court Update: April 18th, 2012

      Hand 4Paws
      Petition Organizer

      Court Update from NJSPCA : April 18th, was the first appearance for Roxanne Notaro who was charged with several counts of animal cruelty in the Hercules case. Today was a normal first appearance and next court date will be posted here as soon as we have it. The Defendent plead "Not Guilty"

      We will keep you all posted once we have an update.

      Thank you,

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    6. Pre-Trial Hearing

      Hand 4Paws
      Petition Organizer

      Pre-Trial is scheduled for April 18th, 2012. Thank you all for your support and please keep sharing.

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    Reasons for signing

    • gillian bertram BISHOP MIDDLEHAM FERRYHILL, HI
      • over 2 years ago

      this bitch needs more than community service..because of a guilty plea she doesn;t even have to pay fines ..let alone go to prison here she should be left to starve as long as her poor animals were.. Change your laws USA''your country is full of hillbillies and animal abusers and they need to be exterminated so that they cannot breed and pollute our gene pool any further

    • Cheryl Morgan LA PLATA, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      There is NEVER an excuse for something like this. NEVER! Penalties are not harsh enough for animal abusers.

    • Shirleh Hathaway MINERAL WELLS, WV
      • over 2 years ago

      When are we going to hold these people who torture and abuse animals accountable??? These crimes cannot go unpunished, these poor innocent creatures have no voice and it is up to us to make sure they get justice!!!!

    • Bryan Donovan NY, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      Disgusting. How anyone can treat a helpless animal in such a fashion clearly has no soul or heart. Incredibly sad and heartbreaking. I hope poor Hercules pulls through.

    • Eric Teas MCKENZIE, TN
      • over 2 years ago

      This is disgusting! We are seeing more and more of these cases. Its time we toughen the law. Give them prison time.


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