Justice For Heidi stolen by Shelter Director then Allegedly  killed by GBHS
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Justice For Heidi stolen by Shelter Director then Allegedly killed by GBHS

    1. Lynn Wilson
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      Lynn Wilson

Please support us in getting justice for Heidi she was stolen from Hale Co. Alabama by Dee Sullins animal director for the Hale County Humane Soc.

GREENSBORO, Alabama (WIAT) - Kernan "Dee" Sullins, Director of the Hale County Animal Shelter, has been arrested for a second time. Officials with the Greensboro Police Department say Sullins has been charged with second degree theft for his involvement in the disappearance of Jack Mills' purebred Great Dane, Heidi. Sullins was arrested for the first time in February after investigators raided the shelter and came to believe that Sullins was selling prescription medications.

Pet-owner Amy Nevin says she was with Sullins on the day he picked up Heidi. Nevin says she believes Sullins was simply doing his job when he took the dog. According to Nevin, her Great Dane had been missing for about a month when Sullins called her to ask if she wanted to ride along with him. Sullins told Nevin that a neighbor had called to report a Great Dane in Akron. Nevin and Sullins found the dog the neighbor had reported, but it was not Nevin's missing animal. Nevin says that Sullins brought the dog into the shelter, anyway. Nevin says she did not realize that the fenced cow pasture that the dog was sitting in front of was part of the Mill's property. She also did not know that the shelter was in-take only, and that Sullins had no authority to pick-up animals.

After the shelter was raided, the animals were all transported to Birmingham. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society has confirmed to employees of the Greensboro Veterinary Clinic that Heidi was at the shelter, however, she had already been adopted out. The Birmingham Humane Society told various sources that employees could not give the location or new owners of Heidi because of confidentially agreements.

Greensboro Police believe that more charges will soon follow. Investigators say they have attempted to contact the Greater Birmingham Humane Society several times, but they have not returned phone calls. Employees with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society say they have not received or made calls to the Greensboro Police.
As of March 19,2012 the Greater Birmingham Humane posted a message that Heidi had to be euthanize. But there is still concern that the dog in question that arrived in Birmingham was not Heidi so we want answers and now.

Please see links for all info on this case regarding Heidi

Hale Co. Animal Shelter raided; director faces drug charges

Family Tries to Find Pet After Shelter Scandal

Please support Heidi by joining her page

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    1. No news Yet For Heidi

      Lynn Wilson
      Petition Organizer

      As we all sit and wait for new developments I wanted you all to know how much your support and love has meant to us. Please join the support group for Heidi until we know the true facts behind what happened to her.

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    • Bill RouLaine ALABASTER, AL
      • over 2 years ago

      I grew up in Hale County. I can't imagine how the Bham " humane?" society coukd have been this stupid, thoughtless and irresponsible. This facility should be closed immediately. I hope charges can be filed against the director who acted so stupidly as to ever allow this to happen.

    • dorothy christen EAST SYRACUSE, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      no one should have to go through this, and if these people are lying, heidi needs to be returned home NOW!!!!!!!

    • donna goss GREENSBORO, AL
      • over 2 years ago

      this is another reason cameras should be in all animal shelters, just as they now are in many daycares. to protect all involved. if you have nothing to hide.....its very shameful the way a wonderfully new state of the art facility is sitting empty now b/c of deception by former employees and volunteers. Our shelter had a good adoption/rescue accepted program and now the homeless animals have nowhere to go again.

      • over 2 years ago

      I'm against animal cruelty.

    • michelle martin MUNSTER, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      its not right that some people who are given athority positions use it to do whatever they want at the expense of innocent people or animals. This guy should be arrested and given the same chance at survival that he gave heidi. People like this make me ill.


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