Justice for Giggles the Fawn
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Justice for Giggles the Fawn

    1. Linda Sue
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      Linda Sue

      Washington, United States

The DNR'S militaristic response of treating good people like drug kingpins and barbarically killing a healthy baby fawn without evaluation in not acceptable.



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    • nilüfer hurst MERSIN, TURKEY
      • about 4 hours ago


    • Carol Givens WILMINGTON, NC
      • 3 days ago

      This is important because it is an OUTRAGE. Giggles was named for the baby noises she made when drinking a bottle. She was leaving this No Kill rescue the very next day, headed for a wildlife rescue as she was an orphan, but the DNR just couldn't allow that, behaving like a bunch of totally ignorant, uneducated sadists traumatizing all the workers at the shelter with their heinous murder of a 22 pound fawn who had every right to live. How can people who work for the Department of Natural Resources be so callous? As well, I can just imagine what aerial surveillance cost the tax payers along with the DNR's snacks they needed to commit this atrocity. As a rescuer and animal advocate, I will spread this as far and wide as I possibly can until there is justice for dear Giggles, the DNR's employees who took part in this are sadistic monsters and they should all be fired as well as Secretary Cathy Stepps. Please take note of a picture in the video of a smiling from ear to ear DNR employee kneeling next to the body of a murdered little fawn. I thank you and we look forward to justice for Giggles, whose life was so tragically and unfairly cut short!

    • Carol Givens WILMINGTON, NC
      • 3 days ago

      This BABY did NOT deserve to DIE

    • Diane Sagnotty GRADY, NM
      • 4 days ago

      Can't the DNR hire adults?

    • Cheryl Stephen BARNESVILLE, OH
      • 2 months ago

      DNR is in the business of making money.


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