Justice for Epic and Samson
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Marion County Attorney
Brad King, Marion County Attorney

Justice for Epic and Samson

    1. Fred Kray
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      Fred Kray

      Miami, FL

Epic and Samson, two Great Danes, were shot to death in an Ocala neighborhood by a man armed with a Glock 9mm handgun. Told to stay in the house by 911 and by a neighbor, the shooter steps into the street and fires three shots, despite the fact that witnesses state that the dogs were tired, hot, and merely loping towards him. The dogs did not increase their speed as they approached. They were not growling, snarling or showing teeth.  "They were wagging their tails"  "Before they ever got to him, he began firing." He did not fire a warning shot. The witnesses state that after he shot the first dog in the face, the second dog turned and began to run away; the shooter followed the dog and shot in in the back and neck, killing Epic. Samson expired later at the vet.  

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    1. Waiting for Justice in the Shooting of Epic and Samson

      Stephanie Feldstein
      Petition Organizer

      Epic and Samson, four-year-old Great Danes, escaped their yard in Ocala, Florida when someone accidentally left a gate open. As soon as Holli Tencza realized her dogs had gotten out, she hit the streets looking for them. They'd never been loose...


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