Justice for Dogs Neglected at Ohio Dog Pound
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Justice for Dogs Neglected at Ohio Dog Pound

    1. Stephanie Feldstein
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      Stephanie Feldstein

      Ypsilanti, MI

Although local activists and residents have been reporting neglect at the Harrison County Dog Pound in Cardiz, Ohio since at least 2008, it is only recently that the appalling conditions at the facility started to receive national attention.

News footage and photos show filthy kennels and a facility with no exterior walls to protect animals from the freezing Ohio winter. Dogs suffer from frostbite and from diseases like the deadly parvovirus, and they don't get vet care. 

The county's solution to the news coverage was to euthanize the dogs; ten animals were saved only by the intervention of the national media and out-of-state advocates, including Alyssa Milano and The Gentle Barn sanctuary.

Despite years of complaints, there has been no action from local officials. Instead, activists are shut out of meetings and silenced by the county commissioners.

Help the animals of Harrison County and the residents trying to save them by calling on the County Prosecutor and the Attorney General to stop the suffering and prosecute those responsible to the full extent of the law.

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      • over 3 years ago

      Very glad that the remaining animals were rescued before these heartless criminals had the chance to execute them as well. To the people and city officials who oversee this pathetic excuse of a shelter please feel free to remember that Karma is a real bitch and you got some payback coming !

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