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Justice for Disabled Borko! Punish the man who savagely beat him in his own home!

    1. Petition by

      K9 Rescue Bulgaria

A Lynch Mob and the Media staged a shameful act of barbaric abuse on a family dog and used intimidation in order to force the village Doctor, Dr. George Litov, out of his home and work, only because he is helping the strays in the village, where there is no vet and no shelter. The TV news article in no way criticised the mob for their actions, they only blamed Dr. Litov for helping strays. The Police were called, and they did nothing. They did not even attend.

This is typical of the out of control Media in Bulgaria ...The Bulgarian Journalists are the main instigators of the so-called "war against the stray dogs" this is the exact term they use in their TV shows and articles. They are the ones who encourage the barbaric primitive acts on the defenceless stray animals and should also be held accountable for their despicable actions.

This is the 21st Century, yet Bulgaria, a member state of the European Union, does not prosecute crimes against animals and allows atrocities like these to happen unchallenged.
Bulgaria has very good, modern Animal Welfare Law (APA 2008) that forbids inhumane handling of animals and places strays under special protection. On 14 April 2011, Bulgarian Parliament passed an amendment in the Penal Code, which criminalized Extreme Cruelty to Animals. That came onto force on 27 July, 2011. So, what is the problem then?

The problem is that Bulgaria has no enforcement body to implement the new law and therefore change cannot take place. Bulgaria has no legitimate Zoo police with powers and Bulgarian police officers do not want to bother to investigate and take animal abusers to justice. Since 27 July 2011 we witnessed a number of extreme animal cruelty cases in Bulgaria and no criminal was caught and punished with jail term, or even with a fine. Our complaints go unnoticed and in some cases we've been told to “shut up or else”.

Bulgarian animals live and die in agony! Criminals never get investigated and punished! In most cases Police laugh it off or simply do not accept their duty to protect animals.

This must STOP NOW!

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    1. Only one day left to help Borko's friend, Jordan!

      Little Borko's fellow street mate Jordan had to have his leg amputated after a car accident. To raise funds, we have entered him into a photo competition where we have the chance to win £300 for his care ... please help him by voting for him via this link … it costs nothing to vote and could secure much needed funds for him! Please click: http://www.petvote.com/sep14/jordan-jones to help Jordan!

      Thank you so much!

      Borko's People Power, helping the street dogs of Bulgaria!

      Vote for Jordan

      Jordan has been entered in to the PetVote's Cutest Pet September 2014 and needs your help to win


      1. Sign this petition and share with your friends and contacts and ask them to take action, too.

      2. Sign the new petition started by Occupy for Animals, at: http://www.change.org/petitions/disabled-borko-s-story-part-ii-tv7-broadcast-the-truth

      3. Help us to bring a media team out to Bulgaria by contributing to their travel expenses:

      4. Write more campaign letters as suggested here:

      We thank you most sincerely for your incredible support to Borko and his daddy, Dr Litov!

      THANK YOU ♡
      Your K9 Rescue Team
      www.facebook.com/K9RescueBulgaria - www.k9-rescue.org.uk

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    4. DISASTER! Disabled Borko and family to be evicted by the Municipality!

      HELP!! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse. Not only have the Municipality condoned the Lynch Mob mentality of the local villagers and TV7 Film crew; glorifying themselves on national Television. Now, they are rubbing salt into the wound by serving Dr Litov and his family an Eviction Notice. One has to ask, what the actual agenda here is from the Municipality, because as far as we’re concerned this stinks of nepotism and corruption on a grand scale.

      This is the treatment the Animal Rescuers and Advocates in Bulgaria can now expect, and if this Eviction goes through, a precedent will be set that SPELLS DISASTER for ALL Animal Lovers across Bulgaria. We need to fight this on behalf of Dr Litov.

      Now more than ever we need YOUR help. Please SIGN and SHARE the PETITION as far and wide as possible we have 23,800 signatures so far, surely there are more than 23,800 animal lovers in the world?

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      Editor of Novinite

      We would like to know why we receive an email for every signed petition. Please stop it and let us know why we were involved.


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      Editor of Novinite


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    Reasons for signing

    • Barbara Washburn SALEM, OR
      • 24 days ago

      I can't believe the people of Bulgaria are such savages!! This makes me sick!! When there is someone who cares for these poor animals, why do the savage people feel the need to inflict pain to poor animals?

      There are some real sickos in this town!! I hope sometime in their life someone inflicts severe pain to them, and when their time comes, I hope they go to Hell, because that is where they belong!!

    • Allison Rains TULSA, OK
      • 6 months ago

      All animals have some emotional intelligence. But none connect more strongly with humans than dogs & cats. They love unconditionally. To be beaten by the one u love causes so much more than physical pain alone. Pets deserve to be safe. When u take in an animal ur effectively promising protection & love. I signed this petition because no one has the right to harm the innocent & the vulnerable. Spread the message:)

    • Pamela Fracassi GEEBUNG, AUSTRALIA
      • 7 months ago


    • bob benivegna BLDG #1 APT #7 MIDDLETOWN, NY
      • 7 months ago

      are you kidding me? do i even need to be asked?

    • Nadja Abraham GERMANY
      • 7 months ago

      Animals are more than a thing. And a human being has to respect animals. God loves all creatures.


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