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Justice For Deandra Green!!'
  • Petitioned WA. State Attorney General - Rob Mckenna

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Domestic Violence Divison
WA. State Attorney General - Rob Mckenna

Justice For Deandra Green!!'

    1. Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff
    2. Petition by

      Rozlyn Cross-Ratliff

      Auburn, WA


Domestic violence in the state of WA. has been overlook and not taken seriously as it should, as it relates with mother's protecting themselves and their children... Deandra Green along with thousands of other women, particularly African American women, are far more victims of domestic violence which has gone unjustly unoticed .. Why are woman such as Deandra Green subjected toward arrested and mass incarceration,  for simply Standing Their Ground and protecting their families in this so-called Stand Your Ground Law State? ... According to Attorney General Rob Mckenna's website, it reads the following on the subject of Domestic violence.. The website claims to protect women, children and communities from domestic abusers... This bold statement of protection contradicts what is really the truth... The website goes on to explain... Under State Law and Washington State constitution, the Attorney General's office has little orginal criminal authority, meaning, the office generally cannot investigate or prosecute crimes without a written request from a county Prosecuter or governor... The Judicial Justice Movement direct a serious question to Attorney General Rob Mckenna." ... If the Laws of the State of Washington prohibits your office from truly protecting Women & Children, what is exactly your job??? ... Is this a bridge to nowhere? ... Here We Go Again!" ... It's Marissa Alexander All Over Again." ... In the case of Deandra Green, this incident happened in Stand Your Ground State of Washington.. 27 yr old Deandra Green has everything going for her... Deandra was a successful Surgicial Instrument Specialist by trade... Nevertheless, Deandra is also a victim of domestic violence... Recently as August 2012, a call was placed to 911 Police Dept. in Kent, Washington regarding a domestic attack. Deandra reported her boyfriend as the abuser... Instead of Police arresting boyfriend, they arrested Deandra for clearly protecting herself with a dinner plate.. Deandra is facing imprisonment for protecting herself and her career in the medical profession has been ruined as a result ... Why isn't the Stand Your Ground Law working for African Americans? ... We demand the State of Washington to dimiss all charges iimmediately!!! ... Justice For Deandra Green!!!" ... Judicial Justice Movement."http://t.co/jDexhSQo

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    • Lessie Booker GILBERT, AZ
      • almost 2 years ago

      Justice is important to me! Justice, Mercy, Love and Faith! The Bible mentions these as most important in life Mathew 23:23

    • Mary Langley CLEARLAKE, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I was a victim of domestic abuse for years

      • almost 2 years ago

      Man wrong is wrong, how can people look themselves in the mirror everyday. JUSTICE FOR Deandrea Green, & the other women and children who are going through domestic violence

    • Perry Redd WASHINGTON, DC
      • almost 2 years ago

      We live in a two-tier system of justice that disproportionately railroads --through plea bargains-- Black & poor people into the prison system. It must stop. We can stop this INjustice.

    • Mason Mya ...., FRANCE
      • almost 2 years ago

      Justice please !!


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