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Justice for Caylee - Federal Law for Reporting Missing Children

    1. Sharon Fisher
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      Sharon Fisher

      ATOKA, TN

A new law needs to be enacted that would require the reporting of a child who is missing, kidnapped, in imminent danger, or dead withing 24 hours of occurance or face felony charges.  Also, parents should not fear prosecution for reporting in good faith. This law is important due to the recent publicity of the Casey Anthony case. She did not report her child missing for 31 whole days. Then she repeatedly lied to authorities, friends, and family about where Caylee was, and even made up imaginary people who she was with. With this law, it would help prevent people from repeating this bizarre case. Let's contact every representative and senator from every state and make this a Federal law so it would be enacted in EVERY state. I know things people ought to do is hard to prosecute, but we need to try. Also, Lying to authorities about a minor child's whereabouts when you know they are missing, kidnapped, in immanent danger, or death by accident will result in a felony charge per incident. Because of her lies and delay in reporting her child missing/accidental death Casey Anthony was only charged with lying to authorities.  Caylee Marie Anthony will never see justice in a criminal court due to a lack of statue. 

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    2. Let's send a more specific law to the federal government.

      Sharon Fisher
      Petition Organizer

      This law covers missing, kidnapped, imminent danger, or death of a child.


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